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Homeopathy Today Magazine

Homeopathy Today is our highly acclaimed quarterly magazine. This magazine is a great tool to help you continue your homeopathic education and learn from others in the field.

Each issue features articles covering a broad range of topics:

  • Everyday tips for using homeopathy at home
  • In-depth, inspiring case studies from practitioners around the world
  • Updates about legislation impacting homeopathy
  • Homeopathic book reviews
  • Research updates
  • Information about upcoming events
  • And much more!

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Write an Article for Homeopathy Today

We are always looking for new authors to share their treatment approaches and successes in Homeopathy Today – and you don’t need to be a famous practitioner to submit an article. You just need an interest in sharing your knowledge and experience with others in the community. Review the Homeopathy Today article submission guidelines to get started and contact us at for more information.