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In Memory Glen Dupree, DVM

July 21, 1956–February 27, 2013

Glenn DupreeWe are deeply saddened at the passing of veterinarian Glen Dupree of St. Francisville, Louisiana—a passionate proponent of homeopathy and organic agriculture. With his love for teaching, his generous spirit, and his many contacts across North America, he touched the hearts and lives of countless individuals—both human and animal. Many farmers now use homeopathy as their first-line treatment for large animal herds, thanks to Dr. Dupree. Innumerable people bless him for saving or improving the lives of beloved horses, cats, and dogs. And still others thank him for patiently and selflessly sharing his homeopathic wisdom, warmth, and holistic perspective via his website, webinars, teaching, mentorship, and writing. He is survived by his wife, two sons, mother, other relatives, and many friends.

Agriculture, animals, homeopathy, & holism

Glen grew up in rural Louisiana and always knew he wanted to be involved in agriculture. While in veterinary school, he worked on an animal feedlot in Colorado and planned to continue on that industrial-agriculture career path. But when the feedlot went bankrupt, he returned to rural Louisiana and began treating farm animals. Over time, developers bought up the area’s farmland and turned it into urban sprawl, which shifted his clientele from farm animals to cats and dogs. The change was not to his liking. “It’s only so long that you can give out vaccines, antibiotics, steroids, and flea preventives and keep your world interesting,” Glen said. Around that time, he also noticed a decline in the general health of the pet population as increased numbers of drugs and vaccines became standard. Looking to inject something new into his practice, he began investigating alternatives. On seeing an ad for Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s veterinary homeopathy course in the early ‘90s, he signed up “sight unseen” and was hooked.

Gradually, Glen transitioned from conventional to alternative and, finally, to strictly homeopathic practice. Then one day, he was asked to give a homeopathy presentation to livestock farmers. His homeopathy training and practice had focused on small animals, so he hesitated; but when he connected with the world of family, organic, and sustainable farms, he happily found a niche and came full circle, back to his agricultural roots. “These farms were operating under the same goals and principles as my homeopathic practice was,” he said. “They were oriented toward long-term goals, not just this year’s production. They were much more humane in their treatment of animals. They paid attention to hygiene and nutrition and to reducing stressors and minimizing disease processes. They fit in with my passion as a homeopath.”

A lasting legacy

In 2010, Dr. Dupree wrote Homeopathy in Organic Livestock Production. In reviewing it for the British Society of Homeopaths, Francis Treuherz, FSHom, wrote: “I know nothing about cows or livestock but I do know about homeopathy and I know about books. I also shop and cook. I hope this is enough to be permitted to tell you how interesting I found this volume. … it is for all homeopaths interested in explaining how we can raise the health of the nation.” In a review for Amazon, Laura S. Murphy wrote: “I had the good fortune of participating in three webinars that Dr. Dupree taught … [His book] is told in the same down home yet brilliant style… He teaches us to clean up the environment, understand the whole animal as an individual and part of the herd, and prescribe homeopathic remedies… This book is bound to become a classic.”

Unfortunately, Glen suffered with cancer the last two years of his life, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to help patients and empower students. In fact, he gave a lively and insightful webinar for NCH members last January, less than two months before his passing. You can access it (along with his previous NCH webinars, chats, and Homeopathy Today articles) at

Go organic!

The interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health was Glen’s passion, one he believed all homeopaths could share. “By encouraging sustainable organic agriculture, homeopaths set the stage for better therapeutic responses in our patients,” he said, noting that 25 million pounds of “preventive” antibiotics used annually in conventional livestock production end up in our food and water. And Glen especially urged homeopaths to get involved in treating animals on organic farms. “It’s a wide open field, and we can make a huge difference; and this doesn’t even touch on the research potential. Think of the data that can be generated for homeopathy on a dairy that milks 200 head or a poultry production plant that has 5000 birds in a barn under controlled conditions. We have only to take advantage of what is being placed before us to show the unequivocal power of homeopathy. I can see no greater opportunity for homeopathy today than the untapped potential within the field of organic agriculture,” said Glen.

And I can see no greater tribute to Dr. Dupree than to take up his challenge. Go organic. Get and give away copies of his book. Read his articles at his website, View his webinars and articles on the NCH website. Spread his message. Let Dr. Dupree’s life inspire us to make this world a better place—for all its creatures.

Thank you, Glen.

—Mitzi Lebensorger, Editor,
Homeopathy Today