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Outreach through Education

Ann Jerome Croce, PhD, CCH, RSHom(NA), was a college professor for almost twenty years before graduating into a career in homeopathy. She is Director and a faculty member of the Florida Academy of Classical Homeopathy and can be reached through its website at She writes and lectures frequently and is active in the health care freedom movement. She currently serves as an NCH Board member, Dean of Education, and instructor in the NCH On the Road seminar series.

As the nation’s primary advocate for homeopathy, the NCH is devoted to spreading the word about this wonderful, safe, and effective modality. Education is central to our mission. From the annual conference to communication with government officials to placement of articles in mainstream media, we seek opportunities to educate our members, health professionals, and the public about what homeopathy can offer.

A new program, an old tradition
NCH was founded in 1974, when educational programs in homeopathy were few and far between. The American Foundation for Homeopathy’s Postgraduate School for Physicians had been in operation since 1922. At the AFH’s request, NCH took responsibility for this program, eventually renaming it the National Center for Instruction in Homoeopathy and Homoeotherapeutics. This mouthful of a name became colloquially “Summer School” and for decades educated scores of people, both medical professionals and home prescribers, with courses in homeopathic philosophy and methodology. Held on university campuses in the mid-Atlantic region, Summer School provided an informal collegiate atmosphere in which to gain a solid foundation in homeopathy and mingle with others who understood the simillimum and the minimum dose. Many of today’s prominent homeopaths and long-time NCH members had their start at Summer School.
     With demographic changes and the developing homeopathic profession came new needs in homeopathic education. In 2006, NCH launched a new program, an offshoot of Summer School in another form. NCH On the Road is a series of weekend seminars offered in various locations around the country throughout the year. On the Road continues Summer School traditions—high standards in education, the most informed and stimulating teachers, state-of-the-art curriculum, and friendly collegiality—and makes them accessible with less travel, less financial commitment, and more time flexibility.

A timely topic
For the first On the Road seminar, we chose a timely topic: epidemics and emergencies. “First Response Homeopathy” lets the world know that homeopathy is a safe, effective choice in emergencies of every scale. Thanks to clear and engaging lectures, hands-on exercises, a book of practical handouts, and a specially assembled remedy kit, newcomers and home prescribers go home from this seminar equipped to provide homeopathic intervention for emergencies such as sprains, bites, epidemics, and poisonings. Perhaps more important, they gain an understanding of homeopathic principles so that they can think homeopathically in any situation, applying this information to any kind of emergency they might confront.
     “First Response Homeopathy” had its virgin flight in June 2006 in Philadelphia, in collaboration with Drexel University’s Saturday Scholars Program of Goodwin College of Professional Studies. We experienced a very different but equally satisfying setting on the ocean at Cocoa Beach, Florida, in November. From the soaring modern auditorium alongside Philly’s busy Market Street to the soft sand and the tropical breezes, we brought this information to nearly 200 people who are now using it to touch countless other lives.

Service to our members
Many of those who attended “First Response Homeopathy” were NCH members with some experience in home care who wanted concise information about using homeopathy in emergencies. Some had even attended Summer School in the past, and we found high praise in their comments that On the Road replicated that experience for them. Members also sent their friends, health care providers, and relatives, and we witnessed many “aha” moments as they came to understand the member’s devotion to homeopathy. Providing our members with dependably high-quality education and outreach opportunities is one of NCH’s most important missions.

Outreach to the public
With “First Response Homeopathy,” we also seized the opportunity to enter the public arena on the coattails of post-9/11 anxieties. We marketed the seminar widely, sending thousands of brochures not only to our members but also to emergency response personnel. The impact of this outreach is too great to measure: how many doctors, nurses, EMTs, and emergency responders held in their hands (or viewed on their screens!) our message about homeopathy’s effectiveness and safety? Some attended the seminar and gained practical skills that they can now use in their work; even more learned about homeopathy’s track record and credibility.

On the Road again
“First Response Homeopathy” will visit three more locations in 2007, spanning the continent and providing convenient access for people in every region: San Diego, CA May 18-20; Hartford, Connecticut in September; and Medina, Ohio November 2-4. We invite you to attend, to send your friends and family, and to alert your health care providers about this opportunity. As tuitions do not cover our costs, we also invite your financial support so that we can continue to spread the word.
There is enough terror in the world today. One of the primary messages of “First Response Homeopathy” is that we need not panic: homeopathy is safe and dependable in emergencies of all kinds. If one knows the method, one can apply it anywhere, any time. And that’s a perfect remedy for fear.