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During the early stages of pregnancy, changing hormone levels may contribute to insomnia. During the last trimester, discomfort from the growing baby, increased urination, and anticipation of the birth may keep you awake at night. One of these remedies may give relief:

  • Aconite: You have a lot of fears, the biggest being that you’ll die in labor. You are restless in sleep, with vivid, frightening dreams.
  • Coffea crudum: You can’t sleep because you’re excited and euphoric – or you’re uptight and extremely sensitive to the slightest pain. All your senses are very acute and you wake at the slightest sound. Your mind is overactive and dreams are vivid. You are anxious, energetic, and very tired at the same time – much like someone who drank too much coffee. Take this remedy and hour before bedtime and also on waking in the night.

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