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Leap to the Simillimum Part 1: Introduction and Technique

Leap to the Simillimum Part 1: Introduction and Technique
Speaker: Divya Chhabra, MD          

Date: Friday, March 31, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

  Continuing Education Units: 3.0 CEU

  ACHENA Credits: 3.0 CPD

  Will this session be recorded? NO

Session Description:

The Homeopath's eternal quest is for the perfect Simillimum. Hahnemann described the 'Totality of Symptoms' as the State. As we begin to go deeper into our cases, because of the limits and deficiencies of repertories and Provings, the prescriptive totality moves from a repertorial totality, to mental state, to Delusional state, and finally to the State in the Unconscious.

The 'State' is irrational and hence is pushed into the Unconscious. It is the job of the Conscious Mind to keep the Unconscious hidden. All the knowledge we have of the world around is based on receiving signals from the 5 senses and the brain matching these inputs with information already known. These signals are being received and processed automatically and unconsciously.

In the same way the State which is in the Unconscious can be accessed easily and directly by symptoms of the 5 senses.  Using these signals as the signposts, we walk the path to the Unconscious and then use them as footholds to leap from the conscious to the Unconscious and the Simillimum. This method eliminates the subjectivity of the patient and homeopath, and prejudices that can color the path; a unique path that is a perfectly Rational method of decoding the Irrational.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Divya Chhabra, with 24 years of homoeopathic practice, has trod the ladder to the Simillimum, exploring every rung with care and depth. She walked through the rungs of rubrics, remedy pictures, provings, and delusions before reaching the present vantage point of the ‘Leap to the Simillimum’.

On this journey she conducted provings of Lac Felinum, Mag Sulph, Thea,Cit-l, Lac-def, Lac Humanum, Tungsten, Bat, Lac Rhesus, Eagle. She also clarified the grey area of potency through 2 potency provings, Nat-mur and Calc-carb.

While the theme of the ‘Unconscious’ has been a constant factor and reaching the state there, through the tool of Free Association an important milestone in the journey, it is only now that it has been fully experienced.