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+2,000 Surveys & +30 interviews = Thank You!

January 20, 2017
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Community Outreach Project that NCH conducted last year, which explored what respondents’ current and future needs are related to homeopathy. 
Respondents were asked to provide their responses from their perspectives as consumers of homeopathy, practitioners of homeopathy, or vendors of homeopathy. (If respondents fell into more than one category, they were asked to choose only one perspective from which to provide their responses.) 
All in all, we conducted interviews with + 10 key stakeholders, +20 community members, and +2,000 people completed our online survey.  

Executive Summary Results

Overall, there was consensus within each of the 3 audience groups about what their current and future needs were (overall or from NCH), but there was less consensus about whether or not NCH should be the organization to address all of these needs or if another organization/party should address some of them.
Top Reported Consumer Needs
  • Increased knowledge of homeopathy
  • Resources about how to use homeopathy to treat themselves and their families
Top Reported Practitioner Needs
  • Resources to increase their knowledge of homeopathy
  • Resources to provide refer clients to
    • Most cited: “an easy, straightforward resource that describes what homeopathy is”
  • An organization that represents their interests as practitioners (but that NCH shouldn’t necessarily play that role)
  • An organization that advocates for homeopathy
Top Reported Vendor Needs
  • Connection with consumers (but that this was not NCH’s role)
  • Make consumers aware of remedies
  • Provide consumers with information on homeopathy
  • An organization that advocates for homeopathy
Identified Priority Groups for Outreach
  • Mothers and those interested in holistic living
  • Non-homeopathic healthcare practitioners
NCH will be using these results as a part of it’s upcoming strategic planning process. Thank you again to the homeopathic community for your participation.