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Update on FDA/FTC Homeopathic Product Statements

April 7, 2017
The National Center for Homeopathy continues to monitor the FDA and FTC issues, with updates from the AAHP.
  • FDA: The FDA issued a follow-up communication regarding their analysis of the composition of certain homeopathy products. It is important to note that while the FDA reports “inconsistent amounts” of source material in the products tested, they omit the fact that the varying levels are on the “nanogram” scale, meaning 1 billionth dilution. The amount found do not even approach a pharmacological effect level. Homeopathy products are among the safest products available for adults and children, especially when compared to other over-the-counter medications with known possible side effects. 
The adverse events data logged into the FDA online reporting system, prompting the original FDA report, has been released to the AAHP and is being analyzed by a homeopathy researcher.
  • FTC: The AAHP is continuing discussion with the FTC following their requirement of a more precise declaration of the science behind homeopathic claims on disclosure labels. The AAHP is studying this further so they can create a disclosure that will be effective in meeting the FTC requirements, as well as giving consumers clarity about the nature of homeopathy preparations. An article on the AAHP website gives a brief history of the labeling of homeopathy products and the evolution of FTC advertising guidelines. There is also an informative article on the history and role of the FTC.
NCH will continue to monitor these issues and provide updates when new information is available.