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Updated DHHS Section 2706 Policy Document

June 25, 2015

An updated policy document from the Department of Health and Human Services was published on May 26 regarding guidance for implementation of Section 2706, the non-discrimination section of the Affordable Care Act.

IHPC representatives met with DHHS staff regarding inaccurately written guidelines for section 2706 after the Harkin event last September, providing clear comparisons between what is in the law and what was defined in the guidelines. Staff members were also given recommendations and additional documentation.

The guidelines (used by insurers who are required to be paying for integrative provider services under the Sec 2706 law) have been updated, including the following recommendations from the IHPC:

  • removal of the objectionable wording that created loopholes allowing insurers to avoid paying for integrative services
  • the current guidelines accurately restate the law and reflect it’s intent
  • there are still opportunities to improve the guidelines and IHPC will continue to work with these staffers.

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