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Jan 22 NCH is excited to be collaborating with AIH to provide you with access to homeopathic research. Those of us within the homeopathic medicine community often hear the criticism that there is no research in support of homeopathic medicine.  There are in fact thousands of homeopathic research studies. You can access studies have been selected to demonstrate the different types of homeopathic research and some of the important research findings in support of...
Jan 5
My Turn: The Case for Belladonna by Sol Solomon
Dec 19
The FDA just released draft guidance for Drug Products labeled as Homeopathic.     NCH issued the following response:   The National Center for Homeopathy supports the FDA’s efforts to ensure safety and good manufacturing practices in the industry.  We are committed to working with industry partners to protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines, and we are hopeful that this action will not impede access.  Homeopathic medicines are safe, gentle and effective...