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Seeking Freelance Writer

The National Center for Homeopathy is seeking an experienced, talented, part-time, freelance writer. This position is an independent contract position (working remotely) and includes no benefits.

Job Duties

  • Generate ideas for homeopathy-themed magazine articles.
  • Write inspiring, timely, original articles on assigned topics, such as clinical subjects, human interest stories, reviews of products/books/research. (Length: approximately 250 to 3500 words.) 

Required Qualifications

  • Has knowledge and understanding of classical/Hahnemannian homeopathy, its concepts, principles, and vocabulary.
  • Writes in a clear, logical, user-friendly way.
  • Engages readers by making the subject compelling. 
  • Wants to empower people to learn homeopathic self-care skills.
  • Wants to promote homeopathy by demonstrating its successes with well-supported evidence.
  • Gets along well with others.
  • Experienced in researching topics in the field and interviewing experts.
  • Able to self-edit, fact-check, and submit clean copy that is devoid of errors. 
  • Takes suggestions and willingly edits/rewrites to tailor writing to NCH needs.
  • Able to work within a set deadline.

Additional Qualifications (not required, but are a plus)

  • Knowledge of the homeopathic community and its players.
  • Proven promotional writing skills and experience.
  • Experience writing for a consumer publication.
  • Skilled at editing others’ writing for content, clarity, substance.
Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and 2 relevant writing samples to No phone calls, please.