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NCH’s monthly webinar series covers a wide variety of topics – including both introductory and more advanced presentations. Each webinar is hosted by a homeopathic practitioner, teacher, or researcher; conducted live; and recorded. All webinar recordings are then posted in the webinar archive.

Webinars are available only to NCH members, and are free for NCH members. Access to the webinar archive is restricted to NCH members only. View and register for our upcoming webinars below!

If you’re new to homeopathy, check out the Homeopathy @ Home series  of webinars, which are designed to provide helpful, basic information about how to use homeopathy at home to treat yourself and your family.

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Homeopathy Academy for Moms

Join in to our Homeopathy Academy for Moms webinar series to learn how to use homeopathy to naturally heal your family from a variety of common health issues that every mom faces, such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises, ear and upper respiratory infections, colds and flu, pregnancy (pre-and post natal) and more!

All webinars in this series will be held from 8PM-9PM ET and are completely free and open to the public – so tell your friends!

Upcoming Webinars      

If you’re interested in hosting a webinar or would like to see a particular topic covered in an upcoming webinar, let us know at

*Open: Part of the Homeopathy Academy for Moms webinar series. All webinars in this series are FREE and open to anyone that would like to attend.


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