2022 Award Winners

2022 NCH Homeopathy Service Awards

The National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) recently recognized three outstanding individuals from the homeopathy community during the Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) 2022 in Reston, Virginia. Each year, NCH acknowledges the time, effort, and commitment invested in homeopathy and the profession by individuals such as our 2022 winners.

Lauri Grossman, President of the NCH Board of Directors, virtually presented the awards prior to the conference, and JAHC attendees enjoyed watching the recorded presentations during this year’s conference recognition ceremony.

Every day, people in our global homeopathy community go above and beyond in their passion for spreading the word about homeopathy, teaching homeopathy, healing with homeopathy, researching homeopathy, serving the homeopathy community, and more. The annual NCH Service Awards provide an opportunity to focus on great works and to express sincere gratitude for amazing contributions to the homeopathy community and beyond. And now … the award winners!

Henry N. Williams Professional Service Award (established 1999)

The Henry N. Williams Professional Service Award (est. 1999) honors a homeopathic professional who has demonstrated service, leadership, and dedication to the homeopathic community. This could be in the form of clinical work, education, research, organizational leadership, or in the political arena.


This year’s recipient, Robin Murphy, ND, (1950-2021) exemplified the qualities this award honors. He went out of his way to serve the homeopathy community, especially in the realm of education and organizational leadership. Dr. Murphy was a naturopathic physician who taught and practiced Homeopathy, Oriental Medicine, Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) for over 30 years. He was an internationally recognized author and researcher on Homeopathy and Medical Qigong. He first encountered homeopathy while studying pre-med at Michigan State University, where he discovered a dusty trove of homeopathy journals in the library.

Dr. Murphy brought homeopathy to life in seminars he taught throughout North America, and he trained homeopaths worldwide. He often said, “Homeopathy is for the people—for the children, for the families. It has the ability to change lives. My goal is to get it into every household.” Two of his most popular books, Homeopathic Medical Repertory and Lotus Materia Medica, and others have been translated into many languages.

A comment from one of his nominations perfectly describes why Dr. Murphy received this honor—”Robin Murphy immersed himself in homeopathy. It wasn’t a job for him, it was his life. The contributions he has made to the profession are lasting. Homeopaths and students worldwide will be using his books for the next 200 years, and he will be remembered then, as we remember Hahnemann and Kent now.” Thank you, Robin!


Martha Oelman Community Service Award (est. 1999)

The Martha Oelman Community Service Award (est. 1999) honors a person who, or organization which, has demonstrated unusual devotion to the practice and promotion of homeopathic treatment.


Wanda Smith-Schick, CCH, is the 2022 recipient, and she goes above and beyond in volunteering and serving the greater homeopathy community, especially in the realm of service to those in need, as well as under-served populations. Wanda became interested in homeopathy when she worked as an assistant in a hospital emergency room while completing pre-medical school coursework. “My heart went out to the “regulars,”—those with alcohol abuse issues, suicidal attempts, and other chronic conditions—and I felt like there had to be a better way to help their suffering. I decided on homeopathic medical school because homeopathy looks at the totality of the person, helping them reach their full potential. That spoke to my heart, and I knew that homeopathy was the direction for me.”

Wanda is president and co-founder of the Homeopathic Institute of the Pacific, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the physical, cognitive, and emotional health of veterans and the underserved in California’s San Francisco Bay area, through free and low-cost volunteer-run community clinics. More recently, Wanda is leading an initiative to bring homeopathy to racially traumatized communities. (See article in the Summer 2022 issue of Homeopathy Today).

A comment from one of Wanda’s nominations nicely sums up what led to her award: “Wanda has the most positive, can-do attitude of any homeopath that I know, and she has improved the health and lives of some of the most vulnerable and de-humanized people in our society, treating each with great dignity and care.” Thank you, Wanda!


Peter Fisher Memorial Award (est. 2019)

The Peter Fisher Memorial Award (est. 2019) honors a person who has contributed substantially to homeopathy in the field of research.


This year’s recipient, Dr. Clare Relton has a background in Philosophy and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Currently, she is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. Dr. Relton specializes in efficient and practical design of randomized, controlled research trials that generate real world evidence. She also supervises PhD students and teaches courses about research trial design.

Dr. Relton designs and leads intervention research trials in public health nutrition and integrative medicine, including homeopathy. In 2017, she designed and co-authored a homeopathy randomized controlled trial with approximately 225 participants with self-reported depression. The trial tested the effectiveness of adjunctive treatment by homeopaths compared to usual care alone. The homeopathic care group reported a 1.4-point lower mean depression score. Dr. Relton also tests practical benefit interventions to help support healthy lifestyles and empower people and their communities. She developed a trial to test the use of weekly fresh produce vouchers provided to individuals in communities without access to healthy food. Called Fresh Street, the research trial resulted in 89% of the participants eating more fruit and vegetables.

A nomination comment encapsulates Dr. Relton’s dedication to her research and to homeopathy—”Dr. Clare Relton is one of the UK’s foremost homeopathic clinical researchers. She has co-created an innovative, ground-breaking new trial design, Trials within Cohorts, which was first used to assess treatment by a homeopath for menopausal hot flushes. Clare’s homeopathy and methodological research activities have significantly raised the profile of homeopathy research internationally.” Thank you, Clare!


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