A Comparison Nux Vomica Sulfur and Lachesis

Recorded on September 16th 2020 – A Comparison Nux Vomica Sulfur and Lachesis – Dr. Cyrus Thomas

Dr. Cyrus Thomas discusses the similarities and differences that help with the use of Sulfur, Nux and Lanches.  During the discussion, Dr. Thomas will answer brought up during the webinar.  

Dr. Cyrus D.C., DNBHE, MDH has studied with many of the great American homeopaths over the years, and has a medical degree for homeopathy from India.  He practices under his California doctor of Chiropractic licensure utilizing adjustments, nutrition, blood testing and classical homeopathy as modalities.
For 42 years he has been listening to people to arrive at the core essence of what motivates us to live and love.