Board Members

The National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health through homeopathy by advancing the use and practice of homeopathy. NCH provides education and builds awareness while advocating for access to homeopathy as an effective and affordable system of medicine.

NCH Board Members guide NCH work with diverse skillsets and expertise and a collective passion for homeopathy. The group maintains a dedicated focus on homeopathy and its role in the greater healthcare arena.

NCH is currently seeking nominations to our Board of Directors for a renewable, three-year term beginning at our Spring meeting in March, 2023 in San Antonio, TX. 




When my infant son spiked a 105-degree fever and lay like a rag doll in my arms, it was Belladonna 30C that opened the door to homeopathy for me. And from that day, I searched to learn more and to find ways to share my knowledge with others. I attended the New England School of Homeopathy and Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in California. I also studied with George Vithoulkas, Jeremy Sher, Lou Klein and Rajan Sankaran. Eventually, I set up a private practice in New York City and went on to teach at most of the major hospitals in New York: Columbia Presbyterian, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the Hospital for Special Surgeries and Lenox Hill Hospital. When NYU established its Holistic Nursing program, my classes in homeopathy became a requirement for the advanced practice degree. I also taught at homeopathic colleges: Teleosis and the American Medical College of Homeopathy. For all my work in the US, some of my most rewarding work has been in other countries- with Homeopaths Without Borders in Trinidad and in Haiti and with medical doctors who are working to establish homeopathy in Afghanistan.


Margery Lucas


Homeopathy found Margery while she was on an endless search for a way to help her young son with a chronic health condition. After seeing the gentle yet deep healing response possible, Margery sought care for herself and other family members. In time, she was so impressed with the effects of this natural modality that she decided to pursue formal training and become a practitioner. Margery graduated from the American Medical College of Homeopathy in Phoenix and opened her virtual practice in Maryland. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with a focus in Healthcare Management. Margery strongly aligns with the National Center for Homeopathy’s mission of providing education and building awareness while advocating for access to this safe and affordable form of medicine. She is passionate about sharing accurate information on homeopathy with consumers while building a sense of community and support amongst practitioners.



Lynn found homeopathy when her young son was very ill and did not respond to traditional medical treatment. After watching him heal quickly and easily with homeopathy she was hooked! Lynn eventually left her 20+ year career in finance and information technology to follow her passion and study homeopathy. She now has a private practice in the Philadelphia area where she can also be found teaching classes on homeopathy and working with local and international non-profit organizations. Lynn has a Bachelor of Science degree in both Finance and Information Systems from the University of Virginia. She also has an MBA from the Darden School at The University of Virginia. She has worked at Accenture as a senior technical consultant and in both finance and marketing for IBM where she also became a Certified Management Accountant. Lynn’s passion is using her extensive business and technology skills to promote homeopathy as a healthcare option for all people. She feels that knowledge is power, and consumers should be knowledgeable about all of the healthcare options available to them.

Tina Quirk


Tina is a homeopathic practitioner, teacher and writer, with a background as an advanced practice nurse and nursing consultant. Besides her own practice in New York City, she has been a long-time collaborator with Jeremy Sherr and the Dynamis School on many projects, books and articles. Tina is a Project Manager for Homoeopathy for Health in Africa, a treatment center for HIV/AIDS and other patients in Tanzania and volunteers at the project. She is a faculty member of the Academy of Homeopathic Education. She received her homeopathy education from the Devon School of Homeopathy and the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathy and interned with Jeremy Sherr. She was President of the National Center for Homeopathy in 2019 and is Co-Chair of the Public Advocacy Committee and Head of the Publication Subcommittee. She has served as the NCH representative to the Board of Directors of the Integrative Health Policy Consortium. Her special interests are homeopathy research and the growth and recognition of homeopathy within the integrative health field.



Fabrice is currently the Vice President of Finance, Information Technology, Supply Chain and Human Resources at Boiron Inc. in Newtown Square, Pa. His responsibilities include overseeing most of the operations aspects of the company in the U.S., helping the company to be financially responsible, streamlining its IT systems and moving products throughout the company and the world. He enjoys working with a team driven to change our healthcare system by helping people view their health in a more holistic way. “I’m passionate about homeopathic medicine since I have witnessed for many years its positive impact on myself, my family and many of my friends,” says Fabrice, who was raised on this therapeutic system since infancy. “At work, this personal experience is very motivating and I feel fortunate to be a part of a company and industry that is changing the habits of so many moms, healthcare practitioners and others across the country.” Fabrice has been in living in the Philadelphia area for the past 20 years. He earned his BBA in International business and his MBA in Management Information Systems from Temple University. When he is not devoting his time to Boiron, Fabrice enjoys traveling with his wife and two young daughters, running, watching documentary films and cooking vegetarian meals.



Denise Straiges CCH, RSHom(NA), PCH is fiercely committed to raising the bar in academic and clinical training for all Homeopaths. She is the President and Clinical Director of The Academy of Homeopathy Education (AHE), and established HOHM Foundation, whose initiatives include the Homeopathy Help Network, a not-for-profit, research-based initiative focused on delivering high quality, affordable Homeopathy care to all. Under her leadership, AHE was named preferred educational provider for the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH), the oldest medical society in the US Denise has taught for numerous homeopathy schools in the US and abroad and has been an invited speaker at conferences around the world in homeopathy, integrative wellness, and spirituality in medicine. She is currently pursuing graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her work includes original, primary research focused on the origins of homeopathy, in particular, Hahnemann’s influences in The Chronic Diseases and the evolution of potency. She is writing a practical, in-depth compendium on Case Analysis.

Marco Spiezia


Marco Spiezia was born in a family of people dedicated to Homeopathy and alternative medicine. He has a major in Management and has specialised over the years in international management, marketing and counselling. He is the Managing Director of Zeus Soft (the provider of RadarOpus Homeopathic software) and has been actively supporting the Homeopathic community since 2014. He also regularly teaches Business at an international University in Italy.



Gwen was led to homeopathy through her search for a gentler healthcare system to care for her children and family. She believes healthcare should be approached by considering all aspects of the individual, including the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, genetic, and environmental factors. A Board-Certified Classical Homeopath, Gwen earned her CHom at the US Academy of Homeopathic Education and has continued post-graduate studies through The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. In addition to running her thriving private practice, Gwen volunteers her time at the Homeopathy Help Now Acute Clinic. She is dedicated to educating the public about the difference between acute and chronic illnesses and the best homeopathic treatment approach for each.



Madhure Kumar is a board-certified homeopath. His expertise is in the IT security, infrastructure and portals, with an experience that spans over 20 years. He is a master black belt in quality systems and a trained project manager. For the last 7 years he has trained himself as a certified homeopathic practitioner under the strong mentorship of senior classical homeopaths and AMCH. His journey in homeopathy began at a very early age which culminated in his formal homeopathy education and board certification in the USA. What began as a passion for helping his family and friends remain healthy with homeopathy, is now making him consider approaches which will help make homeopathy a viable and sustainable health option. The marriage of technology and homeopathy can propel homeopaths into a secure and strong online global presence.



Carol Angelo has worked at Boiron since 1998. She started in the customer service department and wasn’t familiar with homeopathy. On her third day of work, she took her first homeopathic medicine, Arnica Montana. Within no time at all, the medicine was offering relief. It inspired her to want to know more about homeopathy. She would participate in any training that was offered, read books, research online and talk to her customers about their experience with homeopathy. After a while she started sharing what she was learning with family, friends, and our beloved cats. She got surprising but great feedback from everyone she shared her new passion with. It opened a whole new world for her and there was no turning back. She now manages an Inside Sales team. Her team consists of Inside Retail Representatives and Inside Medical Consultants. Even though one team works with retailers and the other with healthcare professionals, they share a common goal, education. She feels strongly that everyone should be educated on homeopathy and what an important therapeutic treatment it is. As a NCH board member, she is passionate about fundraising and spreading awareness with both consumers and professionals.



Christina Donka discovered homeopathy almost 20 years ago while seeking an alternative to eye surgery for her young son. After one dose of some little white pellets, eye surgery was no longer necessary, and she was determined to learn more! After years of seeing professional homeopaths for family members and pets, studying at home, and giving homeopathy to family and friends herself, she decided to study formally and become a certified classical homeopath. She is also board certified in holistic nutrition. She loves helping people learn how to use nourishing food as medicine, and believes that nutrition coupled with homeopathy is a powerful combination for optimal wellness. She is passionate about advocating for homeopathy as a non-toxic and cost-effective wellness option, while empowering individuals to stand up for their healthcare rights. Also a Certified Public Accountant, Christina has a BS in Accounting from Purdue University and began her career at Arthur Andersen in Chicago.