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About the NCH Calendar of Events

Thank you for your interest in the National Center for Homeopathy Calendar of Events! The NCH Calendar of Events is a free service that we offer to the community. Approved events are posted on the NCH website and some will also appear in Homeopathy Today magazine

The main purpose of our Calendar of Events is to notify readers of events that:

Focus on homeopathy or are specific to the interests of our community
Are taking place in North America

Are in-person events/gatherings (not online)

Here is what you need to know...



To appear online, please email your event listing(s) at least four weeks in advance prior to the event date.
To appear in Homeopathy Today magazine, please email your event listing(s) 6 months prior to the event date.


Send us the following details in the following order by email:
1.  Location (city state/province where event will take place)
2.  Date (or date range)
3.  Title of event, workshop or class
4.  Speaker (or Teacher) – If multiple presenters please state which is/are the keynote speaker(s)
5. Website or Facebook page that provides description, prices, deadlines, etc.
6.  Link to online registration page or phone number for phone registrations if online registration isn’t available.
7.  Contact person, email address and phone number for questions
 If you are listing an ongoing class or program please provide the above format for each individual class. For example, if your class is being held one weekend a month for six months please submit six listings (one for each date) using the above format stating Class #1 of 6, Class #2 of 6, and so on.


To submit an event to be considered for inclusion, send the above details in the order and format shown to with the subject as: "Calendar of Events". 

Thank you for your participation!

Please note that in-person ongoing classes or programs provided by schools and educational programs are posted online, but are not included in Homeopathy Today magazine. International in-person events will be considered for posting, if the presenter/teacher is a current member of NCH. We do not list webinars, online classes or online courses with the exception of our own online events. Since this is a free service and not a purchased advertisement we are not able to guarantee the listing of your event, but will always include it if possible. We are not able to offer  “your event has been posted” confirmations. We can not accept listings in flyer or pdf format.