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The NCH Public Policy Committee closely monitors Congressional and regulatory activity on homeopathy-related issues to assess potential effects and take action as needed. The goal is to ensure that homeopathy is an accessible healthcare option to all.

Why advocacy matters

Why advocacy matters to homeopathy

Homeopathy has become a major player in the healthcare market in recent years with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales. With the increase in popularity and sales, homeopathy has come under scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission, both Federal regulatory agencies. This scrutiny has been aimed at labeling and claims on over-the-counter homeopathic products as well as safety and effectiveness. The increased scrutiny alerted the homeopathic community to a potentially larger future battle to protect access to homeopathic care as a viable healthcare alternatives.

Homeopathy supporters must be prepared to advocate for homeopathy in every way possible – for individual patients and their right to choose their healthcare treatment, for changes to the healthcare system to ensure it includes integrative health alternatives, and for legislative changes to protect out rights to make healthcare decisions consistent with our beliefs and values.

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