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Affiliated Study Group Interest Form

NCH is excited to announce that we are working to revitalize our Affiliated Study Group program. If you are interested in leading OR participating in an NCH Affiliated Study Group, we’d appreciate hearing from you. Simply complete the short questionnaire below to help guide our process.


Study groups offer an in-person, peer-to-peer learning experience in a person’s home, local library, church or business. At this time, there seem to be three natural types of groups:

1. Beginner groups - These are typically led by a homeopathic practitioner (or serious homeopathic student) who wants to introduce and support beginners getting started using homeopathy. It can also build a practitioner’s reputation which may result in increased clients. Sometimes beginner groups are started by a beginner that wishes to study with other beginners in their community.

2. Advanced groups - These groups consist of more knowledgeable folks who have been using homeopathy for a while and decide on their own curriculum to study targeted areas of interest.

3. Practitioner groups – These consist of practitioners and serious students that come together to develop their skills and mastermind with others.

Participants find these in-person study groups quite educational and enjoyable while making strong connections to like-minded individuals in their communities.  

At NCH, we know how important it is to get people together to talk and learn about homeopathy.  We are working on revitalizing our beginner group study materials as well as looking at offering enticing benefits for the members of any of the groups that affiliate with us.

At this point, we’d like to know more about your interest and/or previous participation in an NCH Study Group.



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