Affiliated Study Group

Study Groups

NCH is excited to announce that we are working to revitalize our NCH Study Group program, which is expected to launch in the year 2020. Currently the program is hold (we are not accepting new applications from groups at this time). If you are interested in leading OR participating in an NCH registered Study Group once the new program has officially launched, we’d appreciate hearing from you. Simply complete the short questionnaire (click below questionnaire button). Once we are prepared to reopen the application process for new and returning groups, we’ll be in touch with all of the information you’ll need. We plan to offer a comprehensive step-by-step start-up packet that will walk you through the process from your initial planning, group’s application for affiliation with NCH, and your first official meeting. To get on the mailing list for news and announcements regarding the upcoming launch of the Study Group program, simply complete the interest form.

Getting a Head Start

Study groups form and create their own group structure independently. They create their own meeting schedules, appoint a leader (NCH does not select or appoint group leaders), and market themselves in their communities, while also working at the grass-roots level to increase awareness about homeopathy and our work here at NCH. If your group has already started to form we encourage you to move forward with your plans now and apply for affiliation with NCH once the application process has reopened. Simply complete the above questionnaire and we’ll be in touch once we are ready to accept applications from existing groups. Group leaders can prepare for their application for affiliation with NCH in advance by ensuring that their own NCH membership is current (paid and in good standing) and by having each of their group participants join NCH as a member. Groups applying for affiliation with NCH in 2020 should have at least five current NCH members (leader counts as one of the five).

Connecting with Existing Study Groups

If you’re interested in finding an already existing NCH registered Study Group in your area, click the below button to be directed to our online directory of resources. To get more information about an existing group, simply contact the person listed as that group’s group leader.

Study Guides

If your group has already started to form and meet, please don’t feel hindered from moving forward with your studies while we work to restructure the program. We invite you to view a sample size of the original NCH Study Guides, First-Aid & Acute Care (Study Guide I) and Case-Taking Analysis, and Repertorization (Study Guide II). Click the covers of the study guides to view a short snippet of the content. If you are interested in purchasing Study Guide I or II, they can be purchased through the NCH store (Note: you must log-in to your NCH account to access the store). Don’t yet have a NCH account? No problem! Register for free HERE. Note: The NCH Education Committee is currently revising the NCH Study Guide I and a new study guide is expected to be available for sale in early 2020.