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Eyeskey Universal Binoculars Harness Strap - Quick Release, One Size Fits All Bino Strap Perfect Partner for Binoculars, Cameras and Rangefinders

Eyeskey Universal Binoculars Harness Strap - Quick Release, One Size Fits All Bino Strap Perfect Partner for Binoculars, Cameras and Rangefinders

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Item Description

Product Description


Why use the harness strap

There are actually a couple of reasons why you would use a bino harness, the main one is that they securely and comfortably attach your binoculars to your body, freeing up both your hands when you are not actually using them. Your regular binocular strap can be sufficient, but they don't usually prevent your binoculars from swinging about and are less secure than a harness that makes it almost impossible to drop your optics.


How to use


1. Unclasp two buckles of the harness strap.

2. Thread two short harness straps through two eyelets of your binoculars/camera (as steps shown in picture).

3. Put on the main part of the harness strap and adjust it to fit your body.

4. Attach your binoculars/camera to the harness strap by clasping the quick-release clips.

5. Lengthen or shorten the small sliders near the quick-release clips to lower or raise your binoculars/camera (be careful to get each one the same length otherwise the binoculars/camera will not sit straight).


Note: When you don't use binoculars/camera, you just need to unclasp the quick-release clips (you don't need to unfasten your binoculars/camera out of two short harness strap).

Quickly and simply put on the harness strap and clasp the quick-release clips when you use it again (there is no need to readjust the harness strap).

Product Details

  • Publisher: Eyeskey
  • Product Group: CE
  • Manufacturer: Eyeskey
  • Binding: Electronics
  • Brand: Eyeskey
  • Features:
    • SECURE: A harness strap takes this all away as the binoculars/camera swing about a lot less thus freeing up both your hands. It also ensures your binoculars/camera will not be damaged in extreme conditions.
    • COMFORT: The harness strap distribute the weight of binoculars/camera through four straps in different directions. You'll never experience any discomfort even after a really long walk. Once correctly adjusted, there is no doubt that carrying your binoculars/camera using the harness strap is more comfortable than to have it dangling around your neck.
    • CONVENIENT: Once set-up, removing and replacing your binoculars from the harness strap and your body is very quick and simple. When out in the field you want to share your binoculars or put them away for a while, you simply have to unclasp the quick-release clips.
    • APPLICATION:The harness strap is made to cameras or binoculars up to 176 ounces/11 pounds. Compatible with most binoculars and cameras. The harness is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of people (one size fits all).
    • WARRANTY: We manufacture only the highest quality harness strap. These excellent binoculars harness carry a 30-day money back guarantee which is totally risk-free buy. Click the orange button to order now!
  • Package Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 539L x 319W x 169H
    • Weight: 20
  • List Price: $15.99
  • Model Number: 4331897389
  • UPC: 714394951977
  • ASIN: B072WQ3XZG

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