Anti-cytolytic homeopathic remedy beneficial in chronic viral hepatitis

Dobrescu D, Motoc A, Ceausu E, Negres S. Anti-cytolytic homeopathic remedy beneficial in chronic viral hepatitis. Fir J Homeopathic Pharm. 2014:2:1-17.Based on the cellular and molecular level similitude law, discovered by one of the authors, an original homeopathic anti-cytolytic was developed. Administered to patients with chronic B and C hepatitis, the product has determined a significant decrease in serum ALT levels or its normalization. The action was due to increased resistance of the liver cell to viral aggression. Following the interruption of the hepatitis disease process in its first phase of cytolysis, it is expected that the other phases (inflammation and fibrosis) to be decelerated or stopped. The results demonstrate the correctness of the working hypothesis and represent an argument for the existence of the law of similarity at cellular and molecular level, evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in underweight doses and the accuracy of the Nanofarmacologie term, given to Homeopathic Pharmacology.