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The Bay Area Homeopathy Association - Why & How to Create a Local Network of Homeopaths

The Bay Area Homeopathy Association - Why & How to Create a Local Network of Homeopaths
Speaker: Kathleen Scheible, CCH

Date: Sunday, April 10, 2016
Time: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

 Credits: TBD
Recorded Session

Session Description:

Learn why local community is a powerful force for homeopathy! The Bay Area Homeopathy Association (BAHA) is an informal network of homeopaths in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Founded in 2006, BAHA has created community and allowed resource and information sharing amongst homeopaths. Founder Kathleen Scheible, CCH will share the impetus for starting BAHA, the history thus far, and give practical advice for establishing a similar regional network.

About the Speaker:

Kathleen Scheible, CCH has a full time homeopathy practice in San Francisco.  She graduated from the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, and founded the Bay Area Homeopathy Association while still a student in 2006.  In 2011 Kathleen began a bi-monthly free homeopathy clinic for senior citizens at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center in San Francisco, with the support of Hahnemann Laboratories.  Kathleen is a board member of the California Homeopathic Medical Society since spring 2015.  Kathleen is also the co-founder of, an online network of homeopaths and naturopaths in California.

Kathleen was deeply impressed with the results of homeopathy for her kids’ chronic health issues over ten years ago.  At the time, Kathleen had never heard of homeopathy and was working as a design engineer in the semiconductor equipment industry in Silicon Valley.  She was referred by a local osteopath to Lyn Farrugia, RSHom(NA), CCH. Kathleen’s son and step son were dramatically helped by Lyn’s great homeopathic care, after conventional medicine was not able to improve their health: Kathleen’s son had chronic glue ear, asthma and eczema, and her step-son suffered with chronic migraines and debilitating nausea which kept him out of school for six months after contracting viral spinal meningitis.  Both kids were back to great health within days to weeks time after homeopathy.