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Member Endorsements

Lisa Amerine, ND, DHANP

I am not sure when I transitioned my membership from being on my mother’s account to the grown-up responsibilities of paying for myself, but I do know that in one way or another I have been a member of the NCH since the early 1990’s. I can remember reading Homeopathy Today articles as a teenager, reading as much homeopathy as I could. I was in love with homeopathy and was determined to dedicate my life to homeopathy. I would volunteer at each NCH conference where I got to meet so many great people who inspired me even to this day. My favorite thing was the NCH Summer School, a program that the NCH put on every year. At summer school, you went to live in dorms for 2 weeks to study homeopathy. I got to study and live with great homeopaths – it was a dream for me! NCH summer school set the foundation of my professional career. The National Center for Homeopathy molded me, supported me and encouraged me during my many years as a member. Now 25 years later, my career as a naturopathic doctor with an expertise in homeopathy is very well established. I still find my membership with the NCH invaluable. The NCH still provides me with support and encouragement and most important a community of great great people! My heart is forever grateful for the National Center for Homeopathy.

Karen Allen, CCH

“I joined the NCH when I was a student in homeopathic school, and I read every copy of Homeopathy Today cover to cover. During the second year of school, I started an NCH study group to talk about simple acutes with local neighborhood families. After I graduated and began to practice, I attended my first NCH annual conference. Now more than two decades later, I still read Homeopathy Today and look forward to each of the annual conferences. The NCH supports those who are interested in homeopathy, strengthening our community year in and year out!”

Paola Brown

“I am honored to be a member of NCH. This wonderful organization has been the heart of American homeopathy for decades, and we are lucky that it continues to thrive. Anytime we support NCH, we’re supporting the longevity of Homeopathy in America. As a member, I love getting the NCH quarterly magazine and always set aside special time to read it! I am always grateful for the extra perks I get too. NCH’s efforts to continue educating both consumers and practitioners is applauded! Thanks NCH! I’m proud to be a member!”

Samantha Conboy, MA, CCH

“Being a homeopath can be very isolating. I am very grateful to the National Center for Homeopathy for providing a place of camaraderie and belonging where people speak my language. I also love being able to direct clients and friends to the NCH website for resources. The NCH takes a complicated thing like homeopathy and makes it easier to understand. I think of the NCH as the NPR of homeopathy. I continue to be a member to support the organization and ultimately homeopathy as a whole. I want to make sure there is a place for budding homeopaths and new at home users to go and feel a part of a community. My membership and participating in the conference are ways I can ensure that educating people about homeopathy continues on for generations to come.”

Kavitha Kukunoor, CCH, RS Hom (NA), C.HP, BHMS

“I am proud to say that I am a Lifetime Member of the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) and have enjoyed the membership benefits for the past 20yrs. These include: • Homeopathy Today magazine; it is very informative and allows us to publish our articles. • The member resource page.; it contains the Materia Medica, the latest news, events, e-learning, & webinars. • The Annual JAHC, which brings together world-renowned homeopathic practitioners from around the globe. • NCH Service Awards that reward those who provide selfless services to the homeopathic community. • NCH support of Energy Medicine in a large scale for the betterment of society by promoting Homeopathy in North America & beyond. • NCH generosity to our study group participants with discounts for becoming a valuable NCH member at a reasonable cost. It’s a joy and privilege to belong to NCH! I am grateful to have been honored with the Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Thanks, NCH, for everything you do.”

Amy L. Lansky, PhD

“The NCH has become one of the most important unifying forces of homeopathy, not just for the USA but for the whole world. In my view, supporting the NCH is crucial to ensuring that homeopathy remains accessible to all of us.”

Gloria St. John, MA, MBA

“I have been a member of NCH for over 15 years, and have saved many of my treasured issues of Homeopathy Today. I learned so much from the articles, even from the ads where new products and events were promoted. No other publication speaks to the profession as broadly as NCH does. ” “Over the years, I taught over 300 students in my course, Homeopathy at Home. Most of them were brand new to homeopathy. I was so glad to have the wonderful information on the NCH website to supplement the information I presented. Many of my students, as well as my patients, became NCH members, especially after I gave them one of my past issues of HT to read!”

Glenna Tinney, MSW, ACSW, DCSW, Captain US Navy (Ret.)

“I have been a member of the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) for nearly 25 years. I learned about NCH when I decided that I wanted to find a homeopath to treat me after seeing how well homeopathy worked to treat the little Pomeranian I had adopted. This was before Google, so I obtained a hard copy of the directory listing homeopaths, and that is how I found the homeopath that I still see today. It is much easier now with the Find a Homeopath section of the NCH website. I have continued to be a member of NCH for many reasons. I love the educational resources even though I am a consumer and not a professional homeopath. I regularly attend the excellent webinars, read my Homeopathy Today cover to cover, attend the Joint American Homeopathy Conference (JAHC) whenever possible, and search for remedies using the Find a Remedy section of the website. I enjoy learning about homeopathy from so many wonderful speakers and authors. I also think it is important to continue to support the NCH mission to “provide education and build awareness while advocating for access to homeopathy as an effective and affordable system of medicine.” I want to ensure that homeopathy continues to be available to those who choose this gentle, safe, system of medicine, so I actively engage in advocacy when needed. Anyone interested in making sure that homeopathy continues to exist as a viable option for health care should support NCH through becoming and remaining a member for the long-term. To use Navy terminology, “It’s all hands on deck”!”

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