Publications Committee


To ensure that all printed or electronic materials sent out by NCH are of the highest standard, including correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistent format.


  • Review monthly e-newsletter, The Homeopathic Report.
  • Provide input for Homeopathy Today.
  • Review annual meeting program.
  • Provide a board committee liaison to the editor of Homeopathy Today.
  • Coordinate with NCH staff and NCH committees to ensure consistency in all printed and electronic releases representing NCH.
  • Review and liaise with task-related committees on all published materials to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all NCH documents.

Public Policy Committee


To closely monitor Congressional and regulatory activity on homeopathy-related issues to analyze their impact and take action as needed to ensure that homeopathy as a healthcare option is accessible to all.


  • Advocate for continued access to and use of homeopathic products and services.
  • Participate in the national healthcare dialogue creating an understanding that homeopathy is a safe, effective, affordable healthcare solution.
  • Monitor and analyze federal budget recommendations related to healthcare.
  • Monitor national healthcare legislation.
  • Prepare responses to Congressional offices and regulatory agencies stating NCH’s position on proposed or pending legislation and/or regulations.
  • Identify needs for education and training on the federal legislative and regulatory processes.
  • Alert members to legislative and regulatory issues of concern and suggested action.
  • Coordinate with other homeopathic and integrative health organizations to bring a unified voice to national healthcare policy regarding integrative health.

Conference Committee


To provide programming ideas, suggest and recruit potential speakers, assist with planned activities on site for the Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC).


  • Attend monthly virtual meetings to plan for upcoming events.
  • Provide input to assist in speaker selection as well as plan activities for our in person meeting.
  • Assist NCH with promotion and marketing of our conference through organizations, contacts and social media.
  • Attend JAHC in person and assist in registration, programming and/or activities as needed

Committee Chairs

Audit Committee: Glenna Tinney

Awards and Nominations Committee: Lauri Grossman

Conference Committee: Lynn Wagner

Communications Committee: Zelda Johnson

Education Committee: Zelda Johnson

Finance Committee: Christina Donka

Fundraising Committee: Lynn Wagner

Membership Committee: Lauri Grossman

Publications Committee: Zelda Johnson

Public Policy Committee: Glenna Tinney

Website Committee: Fabrice Figliolini