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Congratulations to the newest Certified Classical Homeopaths for 2018!

NCH would like to congratulate all of the new Classical Certified Homeopaths of 2018!  The Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) is a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and as such follows the distinction of professional certification as a voluntary process by which individuals are evaluated against predetermined standards for knowledge, skills, or competencies. 

All recent graduates with the CCH designation are welcome to become an Individual Member of NCH for one (1) year. Please contact to learn more.


Robin Roppo
Sucheta Borole
Mamta Bhargava


Wanda Smith-Schick
Krista Rivet
Jean Baribeau-Anaya
Ariel Baradarian
Geeske Venance
Andrea Tolle
Lourdes Takagi
Kathleen Hendrickson
Michelle Lucafo
Rebecca Keyes


Marcia Sikes
Danielle Anderson
Priya Varughese
Shelly Garrison
Tara Framer
Ellen Uldfelder


Heather Welch-Smith
Payal Sheth
Seethal Patil
Diane Yamamoto Skowron Ouadfel
Randy Fruchter
Jean Dettweiler
Krishnaveni Boreddy
Lisa Baldwin
Michele Sonier
Marie Larson


Madhu Kumar
Spero Latchis
Ushta Aryan
Roopali Gupta
Paige Fox
Deborah Fox
Michele Arbogast


Sujata Gholkar
Rebecca Beringer


Molly Kay McNally
Kevin Swain


Lecia Cornett


Alfred Wishart
Deborah Howe
Andria Hagstrom



Reena Abraham
Edda Agustsson
Jared Coggins
Laura Hultquist
Nastassia Olenev
Jisha Padmanabhan