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Cuts, Scrapes & Open Wounds

There are many homeopathic remedy options to help heal cuts, scrapes, and other types of open wounds quickly and naturally. Choose from the remedies below the next time you or your family gets a cut or similar injury:

  • Calendula: open wounds with capillary bleeding (like in hands, feet, etc.) – use compression to stop flow of blood; raw, open, and inflamed wounds whenever fever is present; early stages of infection with whitish pus draining from closed wound.
  • Staphysagria: incisions, stab wounds, clean cuts; lacerations and incisions that are slow to heal; wounds and lacerations to globe of eye.
  • Phosphorus: wounds which bleed freely, heal, then break open and bleed again; nosebleeds, especially due to a blow; any profuse bleeding with bright red blood; patient might have extreme thirst.

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