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End-of-Year News from Homeopaths Without Borders (HWP)

What a busy, productive year it has been!  In addition to providing clinical assistance to those in need in Haiti, HWB offered its first course in homeopathy to Haiti's professional medical community. Using our "Essential Curriculum for Learning Homeopathy" as the foundational text, Lauren Fox, FNP-BC, CCH, recently taught the second session of the Fundamentals of Homeopathy course. The clinical sessions were a special highlight, with interesting cases and many success stories, and Lauren and the volunteers came home with glowing reports. We continue to discover that, in the midst of great need, great opportunity to make a real difference is also found. As our Haitian medical colleague, Dr. Joseph Prosper, said, "I cannot tell you how many people here have been helped with homeopathy. HWB has been our most consistent partner." On that encouraging note, we invite you to check out our Field Reports and regular updates at and at, and to follow us on Twitter Celebrate the new year and share the good news!