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Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can come in all shapes and sizes. For minor eye injuries, consider one of the remedies below to help heal.

  • Aconite: Arnica of the eye; pain of eye injury.
  • Calendula: as eyewash for pain after removal of foreign body.
  • Hypericum: use as eyewash to wash out foreign body; internally for excessively painful black eye.
  • Ledum: soft tissue injury that is better from cold.
  • Ruta graveolens: eye strain.
  • Symphytum: injury to eyeball.

How to make eyewash: add two drops of the remedy to ½ cup of water.

Note: Get medical care immediately if there is severe eye pain, any loss of vision, if there is an injury to the eyeball or a foreign body or chemical in the eye. Get medical care today if there is any significant eye pain, if light causes pain in the eye, if the pupil is irregularly shaped or if the pupil does not react to changes in light.

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