Getting Started with Homeopathy

It’s easy to get started with homeopathy. You don’t need to be an expert in anatomy, physiology, or pharmacology.

You only need to observe your and your family’s symptoms and any changes you might see in those symptoms. By using the information on this site, you can quickly learn how to use homeopathy at home for your family’s minor illnesses and injuries. For chronic, long-standing illness, find a professional homeopathic practitioner. 

Learn more about the National Center for Homeopathy and join the effort to promote health and advance homeopathy. 

How to Use Homeopathy

First, observe the symptoms. Pay special attention to any that are unusual or exceptionally strong. Notice whether there has been a change in mood and what behaviors or environmental factors seem to make symptoms better or worse. You may want to write down your observations.

Second, choose the remedy. Take the list of symptoms and compare it to the descriptions of the remedies recommended to support the body during that illness. Choose the remedy that most closely fits the symptoms, keeping in mind that not every symptom has to match.

Next, select the potency. Homeopathic remedies come in various strengths, also known as potencies. The 6c, 12c, and 30c potencies are gentle and perfect for home use. For most acute conditions seen in the home, a 30c potency is ideal.

Finally, wait and observe. Once you select a remedy, give one dose (3-5 pellets) under the tongue and then WAIT and OBSERVE. If there is no improvement at all within a few hours, give another dose. If after three doses there is no change, it is likely time to try a different remedy or contact a healthcare professional.

When to Consult a Professional

Don’t give up if your symptoms don’t improve with the first remedy. It sometimes takes a couple of tries to find the “best match” remedy for your symptoms – especially if you’re new to homeopathy. If you continue to have difficulty finding the right remedy for your symptoms, consult a professional homeopathic practitioner.

Remember, not all illnesses should be addressed at home. For chronic conditions, find a professional homeopathic practitioner to guide the homeopathic process needed to support the body during long-standing health concerns.