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Grassroots Campaign - CO, PA, UT, NM, WA

Dear Friend of Homeopathy:
Thank you for choosing homeopathic medicines as part of yours and your family’s health care plan! We need your help to ensure that the highest quality and safest medicines remain available.
The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has regulated the manufacturing and marketing of homeopathic medicines since 1938. In 1990, to help create consistent and enforceable guidelines for the sale of these medicines, FDA enacted Compliance Policy Guide 400.400 (CPG 400.400), Conditions Under Which Homeopathic Medicines May be Marketed in the United States. CPG 400.400 provides manufacturers of homeopathic medicines with clear and established safeguards for the manufacturing of the medicines.
Your state has Members of Congress that sit on the committees that have oversight of FDA and its actions. These Members have the opportunity to draft a letter to FDA that requests the Agency to incorporate key aspects of the current working guideline into new draft guidance it proposed in December 2017. In doing so, the new guidance will be more effective in guiding manufacturers to produce consistent, high-quality and safe homeopathic medicines and ensure you continue to have access to homeopathic medicines in your health care.
If you are a consumer please use this link:
If you are a healthcare professional use this link:
Thank you for your passion and your help! We apologize in advance if you receive this request through different homeopathic organizations. We are doing our best to spread the word and that may result in some overlap. Thank you for your understanding!
National Center for Homeopathy