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Homeopathy in Autoimmune Diseases Part 1

Homeopathy in Autoimmune Diseases: A Presentation of Cases Cured with the Use of one of the Lanthanides, Part I
Speaker: Resie Moonen, MD

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2017
Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

  Continuing Education Units: 2.0 CEU

  Will this session be recorded? NO

Session Description:

During this lecture Dr. Resie Moonen will present the treatment of patients with serious autoimmune diseases, such as Crohns' disease and colitis ulcerosa, alopecia areata, multiple sclerosis, and pemphigus. The use of Lanthanides will be explained, and the long-term treatment and results will be shown.

About the Speaker:

Resie Moonen is an experienced homeopathic doctor for 30 years. Since 2005, after the discovery of the hidden Lanthanides by Dutch homeopath Jan Scholten, she has used Lanthanides in the treatment of patients with very particular characteristics. Many of these patients suffer from autoimmune diseases, or a disturbed immune system. The use of Lanthanides provides us with a unique challenge in homeopathic treatment.