Homeopathy Stories

When people hear about how well homeopathy works and how easy it is to use at home, they are more likely to try it themselves. NCH collects stories about how people are using homeopathy to inspire others to give homeopathy a try! Read on for homeopathy stories…

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Homeopathy and Motion Sickness
“Many years ago my husband and I were planning a long awaited trip to the Galapagos Islands. Knowing that we would be on a relatively small boat (no cruise ship I assure you) in the Pacific Ocean, I prepared in all the usual ways, but one was the most important to me. Interestingly, as cruel irony of fate would have it, I get VERY seasick, despite my intense love for the ocean and all manners of experiencing and enjoying it. So off I went to the health store to purchase a remedy to hopefully prevent this dreaded malady which could potentially derail the entirety of my trip. Uggghh – the thought of nausea makes me nauseous!!! I purchased Cocculus as recommended by the owner– – and several vials at that!! Let me reiterate— no taking any chances here, as I suspected that “focusing on the horizon” was not going to cut it in the Galapagos. Since the boat was small, there were not a lot of passengers so it was easy to speak to everyone. Mostly all were experienced naturalist travelers— proudly claiming that they have never gotten seasick. This made me more worried— I get seasick just sitting on my windsurfer in the bay on flat water between runs. Two nights into the trip, the Captain summoned everyone and said the seas were getting rough—it was going to be a very rocky night and left Dramamine for everyone to take. I sat calmly trying to use all my strategies to downregulate my nervous system. Oh—all the while holding tightly to my vials of Cocculus which my husband and I abruptly took. Some of the others took Dramamine…. but some of my comrades on the rough Pacific were paying the Captain no mind. Again boldly recounting their seasoned worldly travel adventures on rough seas without getting seasick, they passed on the Dramamine— INITIALLY. But that was the last time they did that. The night came and went. The next morning my husband and I were up and about and perfectly fine. No one else was to be found. It turns out they were held up in their rooms with all the usual symptoms of seasickness which evidently reached epic proportion (even those who took the Dramamine). The graphic details of which I will spare you. This re-occurred a few more times on the trip, but not for my husband and me. Thanks to Cocculus, it was smooth sailing on rough seas. This led me to wonder —— did Darwin know about homeopathy? And now I NEVER go near the water or travel without my beloved Cocculus.” Anonymous
Homeopathy and Insect Stings
“My husband was doing some yard work on a late Spring afternoon. Abruptly, he came into the house wheezing audibly, skin lobster red, gasping the following: “Drive me to the hospital, I got stung by a yellow jacket”. As a health professional, I realized he was in Anaphylaxis and this was an emergent situation. I calmly stated that I was calling an ambulance (not only because of the imminent danger but because I am geographically challenged & do not even know how to get to the nearest hospital!!!). Ever the beacon of zen in tense moments, I quietly picked up the phone, dialed those 3 little digits and heard the person on the other end say “Information”. Realizing that stress had gotten the best of my cognitive function and I had erroneously dialed “411”, I looked up at my struggling husband trying to assuage his escalating panic and calmly said “What”s the number for Emergency?” He pausingly panted “9” – “1” – “1”). OK—now I got it! I dial “911” and the ambulance is on its way. I remembered I had the Homeopathic remedy “Apis” for insect stings so I swiftly gave it to him. The ambulance arrived quickly and took his pulse and BP. His pulse was over 150 & BP was notably elevated as well. (My husband is a runner, thin and healthy — his usual resting heart rate is near 50 & BP normal). Within the time it took the EMTs to make their assessment and without giving him anything, he no longer looked like a lobster and his breathing was beginning to normalize. Intrigued that he was improving, they asked me what I gave him but they still wanted to take him to the hospital. My husband (also a health professional) said he was starting to feel better and wanted to wait a few minutes. Repeat heartrate and BP readings were normalizing as well and he exhibited no more shortness of breath. Shortly thereafter, he felt fine and declined to go to the hospital. Now he carries Apis wherever he goes and gets a lot of mileage from telling the story about how I initially dialed “411”instead of “911”. Thanks to Apis this story had a happy & humorous ending.” Nancy Scavin
Homeopathy and Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease
“One Friday afternoon when I was picking my 16 month old son up from daycare, my daycare provider notified me that a little girl at the daycare had developed Hand, Foot, and Mouth (HFM) disease that week and to be on the lookout for HFM symptoms in my son (as you parents might know, its incredibly contagious). A quick search online told me to watch for fever, red spots on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, and red spots around his mouth. Within 24 hours of that warning I saw the spots starting to appear and he started to develop a fever. At first I thought I would just let the course of the illness ride itself out (my Googling had told me that it usually resolved on its own in about a week), but after a few days with no break in the fever I decided I wanted to try an intervention. I turned back to my friend Google to find out which homeopathic remedies I should try for HFM – and there was surprisingly little information on remedies for that particular illness online. But I found one article buried on a website that listed 2 remedies as helpful for HFM. After reading their descriptions I decided to give him Antimonium tart, which I did right before he went to bed, still very feverish. But the next morning, when I went to get him from his crib, he sat up smiling, his rash was already starting to fade and his fever was completely gone, never to return.” Audrey T., Washington, DC
Homeopathy After Injections
“My 18 year-old son was a counselor at summer camp when he cut his foot while running along the stony lakeshore. The waterfront director sent him to the infirmary. They cleaned the cut, put in a few stitches and gave him a tetanus booster shot. Late that afternoon, Brandon called me to tell me about it, and said his arm was very tender. Fortunately, we had sent him with a small first aid kit, so I told him to take a dose of Ledum. “Mom!” he said, “That’s for insect bites!” I reminded him it was for all ‘puncture wounds’ that were cool to the touch. He phoned me the next day to tell me that after one dose, the injection site got a bit red and itchy for about an hour, then faded and his arm was fine! The cut took a bit longer, but it healed well, too!” Anonymous
Homeopathy and Pet Seizures
“Matilda is a 13-year-old Chihuahua who was put on Prednisone 10 years ago for severe itching, and then on Phenobarbital 2 years ago for seizures. The seizures usually come on when she’s running around excitedly. At the recommendation of our vet, she’s been eating home-made meals for the past 5-6 years. We started observing her seizure patterns very carefully, noting frequency, time-of-day, and so on. The most remarkable symptom was that the seizures appear to start when she hits bright light; this can be when she crawls out of bed in the morning, or when we’re out on a walk, and we move from deep shadow to bright sunlight. Her legs start trembling, and then “pumping the air”. We also noticed that she’s very thirsty, which at first we attributed to the steroids, but it was excessive for that. After we started to repertorize, we came across an interesting rubric for the remedy Stramonium: “Skin, crawling as of many bugs” which really described what she acted like when she was young. All her other symptoms were described under Stramonium, so we decided to give it a try. Our vet ordered the remedy for us in a 30C potency. About 3 hours after the first dose, she had a small seizure, but recovered quickly. The next day, when we went for a walk and hit sunlight, she ‘froze’ for a moment, but did not go into a seizure. Ten days later, she DID have a seizure, so we called our vet, and he told us to give another dose. About a month after that, she needed another dose when she broke out in hives and was chewing on her feet. Now Matilda is 15 years old and off all medications. Hooray for homeopathy!” Anonymous
Homeopathy and Chronic Colds
“I had a chronic cold that would take my energy levels down and affect my mental system for the worse for years. One day I phoned a friend of mine and an old acquaintance picked up the phone. We chatted for the first time in almost 20 years. He inquired about my cold and I told him I always had it, three-four times a month and quite heavily. He then proceeded to ask a few questions; where it started, left or right side in the throat, what food I liked… and something else. He then suggested I take a dose of Lachesis and went onto explain that after a couple of years I would rarely ever again see this cold again. I purchased this remedy and two days later the cold was completely gone and stayed away for 10 months at which time my friend suggested I repeat the remedy … Great stuff!!!” Anders Cederberg