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Your Homeopathy Story

We LOVE to hear from about people using homeopathy at home. Moms tell us stories about using homeopathy for their kids’ ear infections and pink eye. Pregnant women tell us stories about easing their morning sickness and fatigue. We hear from people who have used homeopathy to speed recovery from surgery or to help soothe their sunburn or bug bites.

So, if you use homeopathy (at home, school, work, etc.) – Share ‘Your Homeopathy Story’ with us here! Everyone’s story is different and we want to know how you use homeopathy in your life! Share your story using the form below.

What Do We Mean By Story?

By story we mean:

  • tell us about a time when you used homeopathy to treat yourself or your family (e.g. when your child had the flu or you were recovering from a broken bone).

Your story doesn’t need to be complicated or long; just a paragraph or two.

Not sure what to write? Check out a few of our recent story submissions. You can submit your story with your name or anonymously. If you have more than one story, then feel free to submit more than one! Just submit each story separately using the form below.

Why Submit Your Story?

The reason is simple – to spread the word and help others.

We’ve found that the more people hear about how well homeopathy works and how easy it is to use at home, the more likely they are to try it themselves. So we want to collect lots of stories about how people are using homeopathy, how well it works, and why people use it to help spread the word and encourage others to try homeopathy. Thanks for helping us help others!

Note: Do not submit personal medical questions or requests for information through this form. NCH does not have professional homeopaths or other medical professionals on staff. NCH does not provide medical or therapeutic advice (including second opinions or recommendations for a particular remedy or potency). Nor do we assist practitioners with questions regarding their cases. Persons seeking medical or therapeutic advice should consult with a healthcare professional. Practitioners seeking assistance with a particular case should consult with their peers (NCH members can find peers using the Membership Directory after logging in) or contact their professional society for advice. NCH will not reply to any such requests made through this form.

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