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December 2003

Vol. 23, No. 11

Happy Holidays!Home For The Holidays - Sweet healing for the whole family • 'Tis The Season To Be Merry - Hangover remedies and more...! • Travel Well - 9 remedies for a healthy holiday • The Agony Of Kidney Stones Relieved • Helping stray cats one at a time

Articles in this Issue

Written By: Diane Fuller
"Up too late the night before, too much to eat, too much to drink, and now everyone is suffering the consequences" is a good indication for the "hangover remedy," Nux vomica. Dr. W. Pierce aptly... Continue
Written By: Karen Allen
I often wish I could have lunch with Dr. James Tyler Kent and his wife Clara (also a doctor), who worked side by side for many years to develop their repertory. They gave us such a jewel. I would... Continue
Written By: Jenny Malyon
This story begins in 1990 when I was expecting a child and suffering from repeated kidney infections. I was in a new relationship and also had children from a previous marriage still at home. After... Continue
Written By: Timothy Dooley
Have you ever found yourself traveling over the holidays? I have, and that's why I know many of the problems that can occur when away from home and on the go. That's also why our family almost always... Continue
—adapted from NCH Study Guide II: Case-taking, Analysis, and Repertorization, available from the National Center for Homeopathy In homeopathy, a "rubric" is the term used to express a symptom... Continue
Written By: Luc De Schepper
Thanksgiving … Christmas … Hanukkah … New Year's. Oh, what glorious holidays! No matter how bad the year has been, these holidays offer a ray of hope: for hardworking people and... Continue
Written By: Francis Treuherz
Francis Treuherz with his sons, Isaac and Eliezer One day in March 2002, I was at home with my two sons, aged 3 and 8. Suddenly, I was in extreme agony with pain in my back ...... Continue
Written By: Amy Rothenberg
Homeopathy has much to offer before, during, and after the holidays. Whether it's treating the jitters and anxiety that can precede a family gathering, addressing an illness that arises during this... Continue
Written By: Dianna Medea
Dianna Medea with her indoor cat, Brouhaha Winters are rough here in Saskatchewan, a land of beautiful, wide-open prairies. When I moved in two years ago, I couldn't help but... Continue
Written By: Julian Winston
Nothing but an index The homeopathic greats, from Hahnemann onward, have always stressed that the repertory is nothing but an index. A tool to help you find the general "ballpark" in which you might... Continue
Written By: Jean Hoagland
This column will come to you frequently with information from the NCH President as well as members of the NCH Board of Directors and staff. We hope this communication will maintain and increase your... Continue
Written By: Erastus Case
from Some Clinical Experiences (available from homeopathic booksellers) The leading symptom in the study is italicized. The remedy that cured will be found below. Constipation in a child; stool... Continue
Written By: Julian Winston
The printed introduction to most repertories adequately discusses the reasoning and logic behind each author's choice of structure and format. Unfortunately, most people dive into the book without... Continue
Written By: Karen Allen
See answers below: 1.     The homeopathic repertory is organized to make it      easier to do which of the following?      ... Continue
Written By: Julian Winston
When I first became interested in homeopathy more than 30 years ago, I visited the local natural foods store because I heard it had a "homeopathy section." Upon looking at the two shelves of books, I... Continue
Written By: Ann Jerome Croce
This is the season for family gatherings, with all their rich histories and challenges. It is also the season for gratitude, and those of us who include homeopathy in our way of life have much to be... Continue