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February 2000

Vol. 20, No. 2

Mononucleosis And Homeopathic Treatment How To Choose The Correct Dose And Strength Of A Remedy • And End Of Life Story: Homeopathy Helps A Beloved Dog Jeremy Sherr: A Diamond homeopath The 20th Century's Last Review Of Homeopathy NCH Summer School Class Photos • Homeopathic Reserach: Effectiveness Research In Homeopathy Materia Medica In Verse: Pulsatilla • A Physician's Highest Calling: Laboratory Tests And Homeopathic Prescribing FAQs

Articles in this Issue

Written By: Jennifer Jacobs
More than 200 delegates from 30-plus countries converged in London last April for a two-day conference, "Improving the Success of Homeopathy 2: Developing and Demonstrating Effectiveness." This... Continue
Written By: Jeff Levy
It was in May of '98 that I discovered the tumor of Keylor's left anal gland. My best buddy for nearly fourteen years (an Akita/Samoyed cross) had been doing well in general, but showing signs of... Continue
LM potencies Dear Editor, I have been reading with interest the articles in Homeopathy Today about LM potencies. I have been using LM potencies for the last 5 years and must have treated about 5000... Continue
The place of our literature In mid-November (as I am preparing this issue), Dr. C.S. Sandhu of New Delhi, India, posted a long article to the lyghtforce homeopathy mail-list on the Internet titled "... Continue
Written By: Dana Ullman
Jeremy Sherr is not simply a teacher of homeopaths, he is a teacher of teachers of homeopathy. I am excited, even honored, that he will join us at the NCH Annual Conference in San Francisco, April 7... Continue
Written By: Will Taylor
 Question What, in your opinion, is the value of laboratory tests in homeopathic prescribing? Is the information useful for the selection of the remedy? Although Hahnemann didn't have access to... Continue
Written By: Sylvia Seroussi Chatroux
Pulsatilla Like a flower in the windI can sway and I can bendNoses run and tears do tooDischarge is the thing I doDo you love me? I'm unsureShow me, tell me, I need moreAs a child I held on tightTo... Continue
Written By: Stephen A Messer
"Mono" is a disease that most often affects teenagers and young adults. Its viral cause is the Epstein-Barr virus. Infection with this virus usually goes unnoticed. By the age of 5, 50% of children... Continue
Written By: Linda Jane Evans
Dear PJ, I just finished attending the National Center for Homeopathy's Homeopathy 101 course, Foundations in Homeopathy, in Baltimore, MD, at Johns Hopkins University. You and I have talked before... Continue
Written By: Todd Hoover
One of the longest running and perplexing questions in homeopathy has always been "what potency does one use in a given situation?" The shortest answer to that has not changed much over the past 200... Continue
Written By: Erastus Case
(available from homeopathic booksellers) The leading symptom in the study is italicized. The remedy that cured will be found below.Emaciation; soreness in the liver; jaundiced; subject to gall-stone... Continue