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column will come to you frequently with information from the NCH President as
well as members of the NCH Board of Directors and staff. We hope this communication
will maintain and increase your interest in the NCH and
its workings.

Welcome new Board member
With vacant positions on the NCH Board of Directors, the directors have been
preparing a list of possible candidates to fill them. Directors are typically
elected by the NCH membership; however, if a director cannot serve his or her
full three-year term, the Board may appoint someone, by a majority vote of the
     Board work requires attention to all facets of
the activities of the NCH, ranging from Homeopathy Today to Study Groups, from
Finances to Crisis Responses, from the Nominations Committee to the Membership
Committee. Expertise is needed in homeopathy, administration of educational programs,
and the most elusive attribute, an acute business sense backed by experience.

The Board
is pleased to announce the appointment of Nancy Boyer, RN, MNP, to fill a vacant
board position through 2006.
     A long-time NCH member, Nancy resides in Rochester,
NY. She began her career as a nurse practitioner with a specialty in adult medicine,
and served for nine years as vice-president of patient care services at Park
Ridge Hospital in Rochester, NY. In 1986, she became vice-president and chief
operating officer of Blue Choice, a Blue Cross-Blue Shield HMO plan.
     In 1989, Nancy co-founded a software company, HealthChex,
Inc., specializing in analytical programs that link patient severity of illness
to physician payments and outcomes. As president and CEO, she was responsible
for business strategic development, product design, contract negotiations, marketing,
and sales. The company was one of three chosen by the GAO to track Medicare fraud.
Nancy served as an expert witness testifying before both the House Appropriations
Committee and the Senate Finance Oversight Committee. HealthChex was later purchased
by Equifax, Inc.
     Presently, Nancy volunteers with entrepreneurial
individuals, assisting them with business plan development through Service Corp
of Retired Executives (SCORE). She also specializes in assisting employer groups
to develop expertise in data collection tools and employer-specific reports for
the purpose of comparing costs and patient outcome. Past board membership positions
include the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation advisory board (1982--1992), Visiting
Nurses of Rochester 1980--1998, and F.F. Thompson Hospital/ HMO System 1994--present.
     Upon being appointed to the NCH Board, Nancy responded, "I
am honored and grateful for the opportunity to bring a strong business sense
and an open mind and heart to an organization that is in a pivotal stage of growth.
Homeopathy represents a modern-day common-sense approach to a much needed vital
infusion of homeostasis, resilience, and health. I look forward to working with
this Board."

Moving to a new position
Jay Borneman, who served as an NCH Board member for 17 years, will now be serving
NCH in a different capacity. Because of Jay's long service to homeopathy and
the NCH, the Board has granted him "member emeritus" status. He will continue
to chair the Board's Public Relations and Media Committee, and will continue
on the committee responsible for distributing Cox Fund monies.
     Jay states, "I have been privileged to serve the
Center for the past 17 years and have found my tenure to be most satisfying.
I hope that my work has made a mark." Although he'll continue on the PR and Media
Committee, Jay will be relieved of having to attend regular Board and other committee
meetings. It's been a heavy load. He once said, in reference to his work with
media and the completion of the NCH website, "All of those 5:30 a.m. conference
calls have been worth it." That's the kind of dedication we have seen from Jay
over the years.
     Jay, a fourth-generation homeopath, is Chairman
and CEO of Standard Homeopathic Company, and former Vice President of Boiron/Borneman.
He has served as Associate Editor of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the
United States (HPUS)
, chairman of the HPCUS Council on Pharmacy, and columnist
for Homeopathy Today. Jay testified on behalf of homeopathy before the
White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and continues
to act for NCH in this capacity before the hearings of the Institute of Medicine.
     The NCH is grateful for all the years that Jay
has served as a Board member and for the work he has done on our behalf. We are
additionally grateful for his continued service as our "eyes and ears" on the
wider medical community.

About the author:
Jean Hoagland has been a member of the NCH Board of Directors since 1996, recently
serving as Treasurer and now as President. A long-time proponent of homeopathy,
she has been active in leading and starting study groups, has planned homeopathic
seminars and conferences, including a homeopathic cruise, and is presently on
the planning committee of her local study group. She is an associate member and
treasurer of the Florida Homeopathic Medical Society. She and her husband raised
four children under the care of a homeopathic physician, for which she is eternally
grateful. She worked as the manager of a Chamber of Commerce and later as its
president. She also served as president of the board of a county-wide domestic
violence shelter, as well of the League of Women Voters. Jean now lives in Florida.