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March 2002

Vol. 22, No. 3

Broken Bones, Torn Ligaments - Heal them quickly with homeopathic remedies! • Homeopathic Help For - Shingles - Eating disorders - A dog with behavior problems

Articles in this Issue

Written By: Gwyneth A. Evans
Homoeopathic Sketches of Children's Typesby Catherine R. CoulterNinth House Publishing: Bethesda, Maryland, 2001, paperback, 180 pages, $22.95. ISBN: 0-9713082-6-8Readers of this review may well be... Continue
Written By: Lorraine James
The Asian Homeopathic Medical League's (AHML) 12th Annual Conference was held in Brisbane, Australia, on October 6--7, 2001. AHML member countries include India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri... Continue
Written By: Mitzi Lebensorger
On January 25, 2002, the California State Senate passed new health freedom legislation (SB577) by a unanimous vote of 33-0. To become law, the bill must next pass through the Assembly, where it faces... Continue
Written By: Will Taylor
Chelidonium majus, commonly known as Greater Celandine or Schöllkraut, is a plant widely distributed throughout western Europe, and naturalized in Great Britain and North America. It bears... Continue
Written By: Kim Kalina
Kim Kalina with son Joey and her horse, Whisper.Sometimes we need a little reminder to renew our faith in our own capacity to know deep inside what we need and how to accomplish it. And sometimes... Continue
Written By: Timothy R. Dooley
"Oh, Dr. Dooley," she giggled in her German accent. "Ohhhh, Dr. Dooley the lies I've been telling!"     I was speaking with the wife of an 86-year-old man, both patients of... Continue
Written By: Linda Warkentin
Max is a 3 year-old, 120-pound Great Swiss Mountain Dog who came to our clinic with a severe social problem. Max was aggressive and could not be let out of the house. He barked incessantly at the... Continue
Written By: Noel Furie
Noel Furie is a partner at Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant and Bookstore in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She credits homeopathy for her remarkable healing of a serious hip fracture.I am a 57-year-old... Continue
Just don't call it homeopathyDear Editor:Thank you so much for your "proposed model" and diagram [editorial, December issue]. You have helped to articulate and put into form thoughts I have had for a... Continue
Written By: Erastus Case
from Some Clinical Experiences (available from homeopathic booksellers) The leading symptom in the study is italicized. The remedy that cured will be found below.Diplopia when the eyes get tired;... Continue
Written By: Todd Rowe
Recently I learned that a homeopathic practitioner notified the state medical board about another homeopathic practitioner who was practicing homeopathy without a license in Pennsylvania. This is not... Continue
Written By: Julian Winston
As we were going to press we learned of a case of a non-medically trained professional homeopath who was being investigated by the medical board of her state. Apparently, someone saw the web-pages of... Continue
Written By: Kimberleigh Murray
CarcinosinMy name is Carcinosin, I just want to live my life,but all of this suppression is causing me such strife.I want to laugh, to dance, to sing, to paint, to draw, to writeI feel so happy when... Continue
Written By: Roger Morrison
I am reporting on our recent visit to Guadalajara, Mexico, for the 25th Symposium on Pure Homeopathy. The keynote speakers included the distinguished Dr. Mario Draiman of Argentina, Dr. Jose Garcia... Continue
Written By: Kristy Lampe
Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA)Allison Maslan began her presentation by holding up a recent copy of People Magazine with the cover story, "Dying To Be Thin." Eating disorders are a huge topic both in the... Continue
Written By: Dana Ullman
Popular speaker Will Taylor, MD, pictured at last year's NCH Conference in Boston. Will Taylor, MD, is well-loved by all who know him or hear him teach. He is full of historical,... Continue
Written By: Kathy Lukas
Tunes from my youth often float through my head as I write. This one, "There But for Fortune Go You or I," sung by Joan Baez, and listened to thousands of times in my age of innocence, is with me... Continue
Written By: Mitzi Lebensorger
David Gilbert (Virginia) and Genie Peppers (North Carolina) take a break from classes last year on the campus of Johns Hopkins University.Wouldn't it be great if the doctor in your local emergency... Continue
Written By: Ann Jerome Croce
A complete homeopathic case includes the answers to questions that aren't often asked in medical offices: "What are your favorite things to eat?" "How do storms affect you?" "Do you often feel warmer... Continue