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May 1999

Vol. 19, No. 5

"The Best Investment I've Ever Made" NCH Summer School • Highlights From Homeopathy In The News Seminar Review: Similarity To The Totality • Clinical Training Dynamic Medicine: The Substance And The Patient • Seminar Review: Spider Remedies NCH Summer School 1998 Class Photos • Homeopathy In The Wild: Sputnik Lands Reports From The Third Annual Arizona Classical Homeopathy Conference: Opium • Update From The Minnesota Homeopathic Association Homeopathic Fun: My Vacuum Cleaner

Articles in this Issue

Written By: Cookie Bridges
The following article was written by Cookie Bridges, formerly of Leesburg, Florida. Once a member of our Homeopathic ASG of Lake County, she wrote this up shortly before moving away.   ... Continue
Written By: Joel Kreisberg
Every healthcare profession in the United States requires clinical training: hours and hours in which the medical doctor, chiropractor, psychotherapist or acupuncturist-to-be treats live patients... Continue
Written By: Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP and Robert Ullman
One of the most useful revelations from our practice in the last few years, especially since studying with Rajan Sankaran [India] and his colleagues and Jan Scholten [the Netherlands], has been the... Continue
Written By: Julian Winston
As I put this issue to rest, I can report about an interesting story from New Zealand.       Three-year-old Liam Williams-Holloway has cancer of the jaw. Healthcare... Continue
Written By: David Conway
(The fourth of a series.)A few people on the lyghtforce homeopathy mail-list on the Internet were spurred on by Australian David Conway's unique look at some appliances. How do you repertorize a... Continue
Written By: Jeff Lederman
On July 16th, in the frigid waters of British Columbia, a net was plunged into the ocean capturing a terrified harbour seal pup. On the other end of the net was a marine mammal researcher launching a... Continue
Written By: Erastus Case
(available from homeopathic booksellers) The leading symptom in the study is italicized. The remedy that cured will be found below.Retention of urine; frequent urging with dribbling of a few drops.... Continue
This letter was written on the flyleaf of a copy of Laurie's Domestic Medicine, published by William Radde in 1843. Although the letter is unsigned, W. H. King records that there were only two... Continue
Written By: Evann Wilcosky
As covered in the April issue of HT, the third annual Arizona Classical Homeopathy Conference, sponsored by the Phoenix Homeopathic Study Group, was held at the Southwest College of Naturopathic... Continue
Written By: Ann Jerome Croce
Imagine crawling inside the mind of a master homeopath. Imagine that you are not trespassing but have been invited there, and there's even a special chair reserved just for you, a straight-backed one... Continue
Written By: Ruth Pearson
For those of you who aren't familiar with Anne Schadde, the first thing you should know is how to pronounce her name. It's ah'-nah shah'-deh. She's an internationally-known German homeopath, but... Continue
After taking Prescribing I and II for Health Professionals at NCH Summer School last year, Elizabeth Rankin, RN, BSN, of Chatham, Ontario, Canada writes:      I have taken... Continue
Written By: Kate Birch
As we proceed into the millennium we are becoming more and more aware of how important it is for homeopaths to unite so that we may stand strong in our commitment to helping people and in our right... Continue