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October 2000

Vol. 20, No. 9

When Your child Has Croup Fear And The Flu • A Young Liver Transplant Patient Report From The NCH Board Meeting • Call For NCH Board Nominatinos Messer Appointed Southwest College Department Head The Thought Behind the Action - Miasms - What's in a word? • Homeopathic adept: An interview with Dr. Farokh Master • In Memoriam: Cornell Berry, DDS and Frank Gruber Remedy Of The Month: China/Cinchona Officinalis • "Retraining" With Massimo Mangialavori MAteria MEdica In Verse: Graphites Seminar Review - Lac felinum • Homeopathy for Animals - A cat with chronic coryza • Highlights From Homeopathy In The News FAQs

Articles in this Issue

Written By: Melanie Melvin Wolf
This is the second in a series of four by Melanie Melvin Wolf.We often consider conventional medical interventions with patients whose diseases are serious or life threatening and this is appropriate... Continue
Written By: Jean Hoagland
Thank you Jean and Burt McKenney Jean and Burt McKenney have "retired" as Volunteer Regional Coordinators for Region 8 (Midwestern States). Jean McKenney has been the Volunteer Regional Coordinator... Continue
Written By: Timothy R Dooley
Have you ever attempted to breathe through a straw? The smaller the straw, the harder it is to do, and the harder you try to breathe, the less effective your efforts become. This is very much like... Continue
Written By: Sandra Perko
During the 1999 - 2000 flu season, CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather devoted one of his weekly newspaper columns to the subject "The Brilliant Should Join Forces and Kill The Flu." In this pointed... Continue
Written By: Gregory Pais
This interview was conducted by phone with Dr. Master from his home in Bombay, India, on June 15, 2000.Dr. Farokh Master is the Director of the Homoeopathic Health Centre in Bombay, which he founded... Continue
Written By: Wendy Jensen
Rascal is a two-year-old Havana Brown neutered male cat. When he was a young kitten of eight months, he was taken to an allopathic veterinarian for chronic coryza [inflammation of the nasal mucous... Continue
Written By: Julian Winston
Pride, passion, and apathy In 1844, a group of homeopathic physicians met in New York and formed the American Institute of Homeopathy—the first national medical society in the U.S., antedating... Continue
Oral Ivyª alive and well Dear Editor: We read with interest "What ever happened to desensitization to poison ivy?" in the May 2000 issue of Homeopathy Today. What happened is that Oral Ivy... Continue
We have learned of the death of two of the graduates of the NCH Summer School. Cornell Berry, DDS Cornell Berry, DDS, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, died on March 2, 2000. He was 56. He attended the... Continue
Written By: Sylvia Seroussi Chatroux
Graphites Coarse worker in the sunLaborer of earthYou're flabby and a little dullMental wit your dearthPsoriatic leathered skinWith cracks in plenitudeOozing honey crusted stuffWith often changing... Continue
Written By: Melissa Winquist
On April 26, Stephen Messer, ND, DHANP, became the Dolisos Chair of Homeopathy at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Dolisos' $100,000 donation is the largest donation of... Continue
Written By: Will Taylor
It all has to begin somewhere and our homeopathic materia medica most surely begins with China, also known as Cinchona officinalis. Named China (keen'-a) from the Peruvian Quechuan name "queena-... Continue
Written By: Jean Hoagland
The meeting was called to order by the President and the minutes accepted as corrected. In attendance were: Sharon Stevenson, Executive Director; board members Joyce Frye, President; Stephen Messer,... Continue
Written By: Steve Hayes
The beautiful grounds of Saint Benedict Abbey in Still River, Massachusetts, once again provided the setting for the New England Homeopathic Academy's annual retreat with Massimo Mangialavori of... Continue
Written By: Evann Wilcosky
This is the fifth in a series of reports from the 4th Annual Southwest Conference in Classical Homeopathy, an NCH Regional Conference, held in Tempe, AZ, October 2 - 3, 1999.This year's Conference... Continue
Written By: Erastus Case
(available from homeopathic booksellers) The leading symptom in the study is italicized. The remedy that cured will be found below.Warty looking growth on the tip of the tongue.Just before this came... Continue
Written By: Maria T Bohle
Influenza. What is the big deal? If my attitude before I read this book was typical of today's thinking, we have been lulled into a false sense of security. Imagine a disease so virulent that a... Continue
Written By: Ann Jerome Croce
This article is the second in a four-part series explaining the chronic miasms and how homeopaths use knowledge of them in practice. Miasma. N. pl. 1. A vaporous exhalation (as of a marshy region or... Continue