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Remedies for poison ivy

J.T. Kent's Repertory lists
17 remedies under "Skin, eruptions, rhus poisoning" (i.e., poison ivy): Agaricus,
Ammonium carb, Anacardium, Arnica, Bryonia, Croton tiglium, Cuprum, Graphites,
Grindelia, Kali sulph, Ledum, Lobelia, Nuphar, Plantago, Sanguinaria, Sepia,
Sulphur. Only Anacardium and Croton tiglium are in bold type. It is of interest
to note that Apis (the remedy that cured in the case at left) is not one of the
remedies that Kent included; nor is Rhus tox—the homeopathic remedy made
from the poison ivy plant itself.

In Homeopathic Handbook for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, Joel Kreisberg,
DC, CCH, gives very complete indications for when to use these and other remedies
for poison ivy and poison oak. He lists Anacardium, Croton tig, Graphites, Rhus
tox, and Sulphur as the most commonly used remedies for poison ivy. Although
Dr. Kreisberg mentions Ledum as a "little-used" remedy, I have found it to be
helpful in many cases of poison ivy when the itching is relieved in a cold shower.
I have also seen one case that responded to Arnica when the most outstanding
symptom was that the part with the rash felt very sore.

In each case of poison ivy, it is important that the unique symptoms and modalities
of the case are carefully noted, because these usually lead to the correct remedy