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September 2001

Vol. 21, No. 8

Affiliated Study Group News - Seminars, scholarships, special events • International Köthen Expert Days - A visit to Hahnemann's home: May 2001 • Issues in Homeopathic Philosophy - It's time for a clear definition of homeopathy  • Homeopathy, Science or Myth?  • Video Review - Homeopathy: Mystery of Healing • Seminar Review - Hura braziliensis • Help for altitude illness  • Opening the Home Medicine Chest - Is the case acute or chronic?  • A case of disappearing flu - Homeopathic "magic" • Fear of flying? • Itching eczema: a child gets relief • House calls • Choosing homeopathy for children • The Thought Behind the Action - The process: Using the repertory  • Placebo •  The Simple Joys of Homeopathy

Articles in this Issue

Written By: Diana Lott
My first exposure to homeopathy came when I bought a combination allergy remedy that the local pharmacy carried. Then, when my son was a baby six years ago, I used combination teething tablets for... Continue
Written By: Jean Hoagland
From the Lake County Homeopathic ASG, FloridaNatural Awakenings printed verbatim an article written by Kitty King, one of our group's leaders. Kitty's goal was to introduce people to the philosophy... Continue
Written By: Amy Rothenberg
There are so many choices to make as parents these days. Natural childbirth or not? To nurse or bottle feed? Cloth diapers or disposable? Family bed or crib? How many years between children? What... Continue
Written By: Wendy Jensen
My three-year-old daughter was excited to be getting on a plane, though she was concerned about the loud noises she remembered from the last time she had flown. The take-off went well, as she sat and... Continue
Written By: Timothy Dooley
How does the Pope deal with elevated states? Well, they say that when he was in Peru he did it the same way Peruvian Indians have done it for millennia—namely, with Coca tea. To the dismay of... Continue
Against divisiveness?Dear Editor:The letter to Homeopathy Today (May 2001) by Roger Morrison, MD, et al., was truly dismaying. While the letter contained interesting and important information on... Continue
Written By: Chris Kurz
Homeopathy, Science or Myth?by Bill Gray, MDNorth Atlantic Books: Berkeley, CA, 2000, paperback, 190 pages, $14.95.ISBN 1-556-332-8Bill Gray, an accomplished homeopath, has written a book about... Continue
Written By: Amy Rothenberg
I had the opportunity last week to pay a house call to a very sick child. I was reminded about the wonderful art we have, in which going into a patient's home can offer abundant and useful... Continue
Written By: Will Taylor
I write this sitting in my hotel room at the Anhalt Stadt Köthen, looking out of my window at the majestic cathedral and the towers and roofs of the Schloss—the castle (yes, with a real... Continue
Written By: John Lunstroth
Although this was written as a letter to the editor, I found it made enough points about homeopathic principles and philosophy that the author and I decided to use it as his regular column. ... Continue
Written By: Susan DeLaney
Meet ThomasThomas, a quiet 4-year-old boy, came in with his mom for treatment of allergies and eczema that started when he was 1 1/2 years old. There are patchy red bumps all over his body—on... Continue
Written By: Todd A. Hoover
Treatment of "acute" diseases is the most dramatic and life changing event in homeopathic medicine. Most of the truly devoted practitioners I meet can relate some story of how they or one of their... Continue
Written By: Julian Winston
Danish investigators have recently published a study which concludes that the placebo effect is a myth.1 In the May 24th issue of The New York Times, there was a piece titled "New study casts doubt... Continue
Written By: Evann Wilcosky
5th Annual NCH Southwest Regional Conference • Tempe, AZ • October 7--8, 2000 The theme of the 5th Annual NCH Southwest Regional Conference in Classical Homeopathy was "Tree Remedies."... Continue
Written By: Todd Rowe
Each day, I celebrate being a homeopath. It is a labor of love, filled with much joy. As a psychiatrist I enjoyed my work, but as a homeopath I found my calling.     My... Continue
Written By: Ann Jerome Croce
This is the third in a series of four articles describing the process by which a homeopath chooses a homeopathic remedy. After the homeopath has received the case from the patient, listening closely... Continue
Written By: Julian Winston
Homeopathy: Mystery of HealingTeleduction: Wilmington, Delaware, 2001, VHS, 58-minute video, $24.95.Over the years, people have asked: "Is there any good video that could serve as an introduction to... Continue