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September/October 2005

Vol. 25, No. 5

Autism Epidemic in Kids - A drug-free approach to treatment - The vaccine-autism controversy • In the Aftermath of 9/11 & Katrina - Healing the emotional wounds • BURNS! - Miraculous Stories of Healing - Try these treatments at home!

Articles in this Issue

Written By: Ian Luepker
Every word the child utters is significant to us, particularly language that is unique. Children and adults with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism... Continue
Written By: Miranda Castro
A couple of years ago I traveled to New Zealand to teach mostly and to travel a little and to spend a precious day with Julian Winston. I had just arrived at the home of my hostess, Susanna Shelton... Continue
Written By: Edith Malin
Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum: Strategic Case Management for Successful Homeopathic Prescribing by Luc De Schepper, MD, PhD, CHom, DIHom, LicAcFull of Life Publishing, Santa Fe, New Mexico... Continue
I'd like to share the following story told to me by my friend Jack Lawyer, a homeopath and retired businessman:      Seri was a young female elephant living in the Rosemond... Continue
Written By: Elizabeth Renkert
My case was not so much an acute illness as an acute attack of a very hot, dinner plate, which, unbeknownst to my husband who handed it to me, had been sitting on a hot, stove burner. In the seconds... Continue
Written By: Rifat Nafisa
Back in the '80s I lived in a large spiritual community. We were having a conference and I was on duty to prepare breakfast for more than 100 people. My helpers were late, and I was alone in the... Continue
Written By: Erastus Case
from Some Clinical Experiences (available from homeopathic booksellers) The following description of a patient's symptoms comes from the files of Dr. Erastus E. Case, a renowned homeopath who... Continue
The NCH is governed by an eleven-member volunteer Board of Directors which, since its inception, traditionally has maintained a balance of consumers and health care professionals. The directorship... Continue
Written By: Joette Calabrese
When our family moved to the country some years ago, it seemed a natural decision to raise chickens. So we purchased 30 chicks from a farmer near our western New York home. Up to that point I'd... Continue
Written By: Jean Hoagland
Dear NCH Member,      Lately you have heard us say, "The Time is Now." The time IS now to protect and promote homeopathy. And who can protect and promote it better than you... Continue
Study Shows Homeopathy Superior to Conventional Treatments The June 2005 issue of Complementary Therapies in Medicine, an international, peer-reviewed journal, published a study that was designed... Continue
Written By: Amy L. Lansky
Amy L. Lansky, PhD, was a Silicon Valley computer scientist when her life was transformed by the miraculous homeopathic cure of her son's autism. This prompted her to make an unusual career move: she... Continue
Roger Morrison, MD, gives several suggestions for treating burns in his book, Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology. The goals of treatment are to reduce the pain, speed healing, and avoid... Continue
Written By: Gwyneth Evans
Gwyneth Evans, RCHom, is a homeopath in private practice in Tawa, New Zealand, and is the principal of the Wellington College of Homeopathy. She met Homeopathy Today Editor-in-Chief Julian Winston... Continue
Written By: Edward Shalts
The most striking event in the lives of millions of Americans was the terrorists' attack on September 11, 2001. The world as we knew it changed that day. Along with the terrible loss of individual... Continue
Written By: Barbara Lynn Bova
I'll never forget one of the first severe burn cases I treated homeopathically. A 16-year-old boy, we'll call him Krishna, sustained electrical burns after touching an electrical rod in a field where... Continue
The Lancet, the prestigious medical journal of the United Kingdom, has recently published an article questioning the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines; this article has been criticized by the... Continue
Is there a link between mercury-containing vaccines and the rise in neurological disorders such as autism, speech delays, Asperger's syndrome, attention-deficit disorder, and hyperactivity? The... Continue
Written By: Peter J. Prociuk
On July 29, 2003, 21-month-old Jason was brought to me for treatment. His parents were concerned about his intractable temper tantrums. He would have violent, destructive outbursts about six to eight... Continue