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Toxic Thimerosal Can Heal

When a baby's health worsens after vaccination,<br />his homeopath finds a unique remedy

On July 29, 2003, 21-month-old Jason was brought to me for treatment. His parents
were concerned about his intractable temper tantrums. He would have violent,
destructive outbursts about six to eight times a day.
     Jason's mother reported that her pregnancy had
been normal and healthy. The labor and delivery were unremarkable, and Jason's
Apgar scores—a test of overall physical condition at birth—were normal.
His development had been normal to accelerated, and his only health problems
were occasional nasal stuffiness and mild eczema that required no treatment.
But then his health made a dramatic shift ...
     On March 17, 2003, at age 16 months, Jason received
his first vaccination—an adult dose of tetanus toxoid vaccine. The baby's
immediate reactions were marked redness and swelling at the injection site and
a high fever that lasted several hours. The inflammation at the injection site
lasted several weeks.

Going downhill fast
Over the next few weeks, Jason became more irritable. He had been on a sharp
learning curve with respect to speech development, but now this development stopped.
Over the next two to three months his behavior deteriorated markedly. He would
have prolonged tantrums lasting up to 45 minutes with screaming, facial grimacing,
hand clenching, hitting, and kicking, and this would happen many times a day.
He stopped speaking entirely and stopped having eye contact or other bonding
behaviors. He'd previously had a robust appetite—he now became a very fussy
eater, preferring carbohydrates like crackers and pretzels. His sleep became
more restless but was otherwise unchanged.
     Over the next few months, I tried several different
well-indicated homeopathic remedies for this baby, including Stramonium, Tuberculinum,
and Chamomilla. These remedies had no effect whatsoever.

When remedies don't work
Many times in my practice it seems that well-indicated homeopathic remedies fail
to act or they give very unsatisfactory results. This certainly reflects my limitations
as a practitioner, but this frustration also leads me to believe that new remedies
must be developed. Accordingly, when a child's problem appears to stem from the
administration of a vaccine, it seems to me that a likely source for a helpful
homeopathic remedy would be either the offending vaccine or a constituent of
the vaccine.

Mercury, vaccines, and
an epidemic

The explosive epidemic of neurodevelopmental disorders and autoimmune diseases
in the last generation of children has presented a huge challenge for the homeopathic
and medical communities. The most obvious cause for this epidemic, in my opinion,
is the sharp increase in the number of vaccines children have been exposed to.
Up until about 20 years ago, children received fewer than 10 vaccinations in
the first few years of their life. Today, many children are given 22 or more
shots by the time they reach the first grade.
     Thimerosal is a preservative that was widely used
in vaccines up until 2001 when the Food and Drug Administration asked vaccine
manufacturers to voluntarily stop using this highly toxic substance. It is composed
of 50% ethyl mercury, which is known to be a potent neurotoxin. A child receiving
the recommended vaccine schedule during the 1990s would have been subjected to
approximately 80 times the recommended exposure to mercury set for adults by
the Environmental Protection Agency. Many of the symptoms seen with autism spectrum
disorders are the recognized symptoms of mercury toxicity.

It may cure what it causes
With this in mind, it occurred to me that homeopathically prepared thimerosal
could potentially be very useful for patients whose health problems developed
after vaccination. So I obtained a sample of pure powdered thimerosal from Sigma
Lot #58F-0324, courtesy of a patient of mine who works in a pharmaceutical laboratory
that uses thimerosal as a preservative for cell cultures. It is noteworthy that
the label on the original vial was white with bright red lettering stating, "Highly
Toxic." In May 2003, this sample was submitted to John Borneman, RPh, of Arrowroot
Natural Pharmacy for potentization (a special pharmaceutical process used to
prepare homeopathic remedies), and a 200c potency was produced.
     Young Jason came to my practice shortly after I
obtained the Thimerosal 200c. Because the indicated homeopathic remedies
that I'd already prescribed hadn't worked for Jason, his parents and I discussed
the situation. Upon further investigation, we learned that the tetanus vaccination
that Jason received contained approximately 25 micrograms of thimerosal, as confirmed
by the manufacturer's lot number on the vaccine. So we decided to give him a
single dose of the homeopathically prepared remedy, Thimerosal 200c.

Astounding results
Jason's tantrums stopped entirely within two days, and within a week his mother
reported an explosion in his speech development. By the end of the second week
all his behaviors had reverted to his healthy pre-vaccination state, and his
learning curve continued to astonish his parents. During the third week he had
loose runny stools several times a day for several days but without a change
in his energy, appetite, or mood. Although it is not documented by laboratory
examination, it is my opinion that he spontaneously chelated the mercury from
the vaccination and eliminated it through his gut. Jason has remained in good
health, and his development has accelerated ever since he was treated with the
remedy. He has not required any further homeopathic treatment. I believe that
this is a case of regressive autism caused by vaccination that was cured by a
single dose of Thimerosal 200c.
     The absolutely astonishing result of this remedy
and the profound implications of its successful use totally shocked me. Subsequent
administrations with other children in similar situations rapidly taught me that
it is not a panacea for autism spectrum disorders or vaccine injury. This was
clearly a highly fortunate case of beginner's luck, but I also believe that homeopathically
prepared Thimerosal could prove very useful once its symptoms are more
fully understood. Unfortunately, my circumstances do not allow for a thorough
proving (a homeopathic remedy "drug trial"). I hope that a proving will be conducted
in the future.

Potentize the problem
My rationale for preparing a homeopathic remedy from thimerosal comes from The
Science of Homeopathy
by George Vithoulkas. He states that in cases where
injury resulted from excessive use of certain drugs or vaccines, it is sometimes
necessary to use the offending agent in homeopathic potency (i.e., highly diluted
and succussed) to remove the problem
it created.
     I have used this approach successfully in some
cases of infertility where there was prolonged use of the birth control pill.
Giving a homeopathically prepared/potentized form of the birth control pill has
resulted in pregnancy for three of my patients who had this history and had no
other apparent reason for being unable to conceive.
     I treated another patient who developed severe
food allergies after exposure to methylene chloride in a chemistry laboratory.
After several well-indicated homeopathic remedies failed to act, I gave homeopathically
prepared methylene chloride. The night after taking a 200c dose, the patient
had a profuse night sweat that bleached the shirt she was wearing. Over the course
of several weeks, she began to tolerate the foods she was previously allergic
     My experience has verified the wisdom of Vithoulkas
in these select cases. This approach gives us an alternative when treating certain
complicated cases where traditional homeopathic remedies seem to fail.

About the Author
J. Prociuk, MD,
has practiced classical homeopathy for 12 years and currently practices in West
Chester, Pennsylvania. He can be reached at