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Spring 2013

Ultimate Ulcer Answers ♦ Public Speaking? Yes You Can! ♦ Homeopathy Goes to Oz ♦ Savor the Springtime! Free yourself from allergies ♦ Aging Spines Feel Young Again This treatment works when others fail ADHD Kids Can Flourish & Focus

Articles in this Issue

Written By: Ian R. Luepker
Nearly 10% of U.S. school children are ­diagnosed with Attention Deficit ­Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), and doctor visits for this condition rose 66% from 2000... Continue
Written By: Lisa Samet
I was very pleased to be invited to appear on The Dr. Oz Show. Being naive about the ways of TV-land, I thought I would fly to New York City, be interviewed by Dr. Oz on the wonders and mysteries of... Continue
Written By: Debra Debra Katchen
“My back aches so much that it’s hard to stand up straight…” “Whenever I bend my neck forward, I get a sharp pain from my neck to my shoulders…”... Continue
Written By: Heather Osler
The flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, the spring winds are blowing. Sounds ­wonderful, unless you happen to be one of the unlucky ones who dreads the onset of allergies. If sneezing,... Continue
“The best of American homeopathy … The conference brings homeopaths together. It’s going to be very exciting.” —Jeremy Sherr, Author, Educator, Director of Homeopathy... Continue
Written By: Sharon Stevenson
It looks like today is my last day working for the NCH. It is with happiness that I am ­leaving. I really like the new executive director, Alison Teitelbaum, and trust her to take care of... Continue
Written By: Christopher Johnson
Incidence of asthma has risen at an alarming rate in the past several decades. It is now the most common chronic disease of childhood in the developed world. The World Health Organization estimates... Continue
Written By: Mukesh Batra
Ulcer symptoms worsen in the presence of stress—or regress when the ­trigger or underlying ­factor is treated ­holistically with a ­suitable homeopathic remedy. For a long time... Continue
Written By: Peter Gold
The principal missions of NCH are to educate about homeopathy and to protect and promote it in North America and beyond. Among all our other activities, we’re always looking for ways to bring... Continue
Sharon with NCH staffer Mary Cutts at 2008 conference, Rhode Island. Sharon Stevenson “found” homeopathy when she saw it work its miracle for her young daughter... Continue
Written By: Ann E. Jerome
"I’m tremendously excited to join the National Center for Homeopathy family. I am an admirer of NCH’s passion and commitment to health and education and am eager to learn from each and... Continue
Written By: Homeopathy Today staf
Nicknamed the “Gateway to Hell” for its frequent and fiery eruptions, Iceland’s Mt. Hekla volcano is also the source of a homeopathic remedy that a number of spinal stenosis... Continue
Written By: Amy Rothenberg
When I was a student in naturopathic medical school in the early ’80s, one of my teachers declared: “To be a practitioner in the world of natural medicine you also have to be someone who... Continue
Written By: Ann E. Jerome
These are exciting times for homeopathy and for the National Center. Everywhere we turn, things are popping. Within homeopathy and around us, and even within the NCH itself, it’s a time of... Continue
Written By: Heather Osler
For short-term allergy relief, you can try one of these homeopathic remedies if its description fits your hay fever symptoms. The remedies are available in natural foods stores and ­homeopathic... Continue
Written By: Mukesh Batra
In our clinical experience, we have found select homeopathic remedies possessing classical therapeutic attributes that can counteract and ease ulcers—helping them to heal from the inside out.... Continue
Written By: Ian Luepker
“I’ve reached my breaking point with your daughter,” the teacher declared. “She’s disrupting our entire class! She pokes other students with her pencil. When she’s... Continue