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A unique introduction to homeopathy

In the late 1960s, a friend of mine moved to the Mechanicsburg, Pennyslvania,
area to take a teaching position in nearby Hershey. While cleaning up his new
yard, he got into a bunch of poison ivy and soon developed a bad eruption that
itched unbearably. He wanted to visit a doctor, but being new in town, he didn't
know whom to see. His wife remembered seeing a nice house on the drive into town
that had an "MD" sign in front of it. Desperate for help, my friend drove over
and rang the bell, even though it was a Sunday afternoon. The woman who answered
the door said that, yes, her husband was a doctor; he was working in the yard.
Shortly afterwards, an elderly doctor appeared and took my friend into his office.
After looking at the eruption, the doctor asked a few questions, and then said, "Open
your mouth."
     My friend found himself the recipient of a bunch
of homeopathic granules on his tongue. He had never experienced anything like
it before. "What was that?" he asked. "A homeopathic medicine to cure you," was
the reply. "What's homeopathy?" he asked. The old doctor replied: "Homeopathy
is what the smart guys do after they find that the other crap doesn't work."
     This was my friend's first experience with homeopathy—and
his itching was quickly relieved. When he told me the story, however, it was
about 20 years later, and he could not recall the doctor's name.
     I related that story to Henry Williams, MD, DHt,
who practiced in Lancaster, PA, for many years, and asked him who that doctor
could have been. He chuckled: "That was Bill Boyson, who used to be the Dean
of the NCH Summer School at Millersville [1962--72]. Very outspoken!"