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An unusual asthma cure - Blatta orientalis

Many years ago in India lived an elderly man who suffered from extreme asthma. After fruitlessly seeking a cure from every possible source, both conventional and unusual, he finally resigned himself to his tragic state. He was alone in his misery suffering from daily attacks of asthma with no relief. One day, after his usual cup of afternoon tea, he began to feel much better, the tightness in his chest was relieved, and the asthma attacks stopped. The old man and his friends could not understand why he was better. The relief had come immediately after drinking his usual brand of tea, and that had never happened before. The residue in the tea cup was examined but nothing was found. The servant who made the tea was summoned, and on examining the teapot, the source of the asthma cure was lying dead on the bottom. The asthma sufferer had been cured by a cockroach!
     A curious friend heard the story and decided to see if the cockroach really had curative powers for asthma. He got a supply of cockroaches, poured boiling water over them and after filtering the "tea," mixed it with alcohol as a preservative. He then gave a few drops daily to anyone with asthma who wished to try his "cure." His results were such, that people flocked from all over the country for his medicine and he finally resorted to manufacturing it and giving it free to anyone who wished to use it.
     Since being made into a homeopathic remedy in the 1800s, Blatta orientalis, or Indian cockroach, has helped many asthma sufferers. In severe cases of chronic asthma where there is suffocation from a great accumulation of mucus, coughing with shortness of breath, tuberculosis, chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes or bronchitis, Blatta has brought great relief.
     For the wonderful cures of Blatta, we have the cockroach that fell into the teapot to thank.

Reference: Paper by D.N. Ray, MD, Calcutta, India, in the Homoeopathic Recorder, November, 1890, Vol. V., No. 6, page 254.

About the author:
Diane Fuller, working as an RN, found homeopathy when one of her children became ill and was cured with homeopathy. She studied homeopathy by correspondence with Misha Norland from the School of Homeopathy in England and then did the 2-year HMC course with Lou Klein. She lives and practices in Prince George, BC, Canada. She can be reached at