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Vaccination resources

and Websites

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Immunization Program Public Inquiries
Mailstop E-05
1600 Clifton Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30333
(800) 232--SHOT
International Travel Hotline: (877) 394-8747 or (404) 332--4559
U.S. government organization with in-depth website on vaccines, vaccination policies,
standards, recommendations, and diseases. Extensive information on international
travel including disease incidence by region, current vaccine recommendations,
and travel advisories.

National Vaccine Information Center
512 W. Maple Avenue, #206
Vienna, VA 22180
(800) 909--SHOT or (703) 938--DPT3
A parent-sponsored group that lobbies for safer vaccines and freedom of choice
legislation; advises parents on legal rights; publishes a legal referral directory,
booklets on the vaccine-injury compensation system, and instructions for filing
claims. Website includes access to a newsletter, referral information, special
reports, an extensive catalog of books and materials, and an email news service

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
P.O. Box 1100
Rockville, MD 20849--1100
(800) 822--7967 The
National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act requires health care providers to report
specific adverse events following particular vaccines. This is the surveillance
system established to collect the reports. Parents, other relatives, or anyone
aware of the occurrence of an adverse event may also file a report. Call or visit
the website for reporting forms. • Randall
Neustaedter's website; includes updates to his book, The Vaccine Guide, and many
articles on natural health care for children. • Vaccine
Information & Awareness contains links to most other websites and newsgroups
with vaccine information, including both pro-vaccine and pro-choice sites. • A huge
site of articles that question the advisability of vaccinations; a comprehensive
and searchable database of information and links across the Internet. • Has
ordering information for books on vaccines and other health-related topics; and
an inclusive list of worldwide vaccination support groups and information services. • Operated
by a Texas-based consumer group, Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE).
Includes vaccine topics in the media, legal issues, and access to an email news
service. • Provides
consumers and professionals with data on diseases and vaccines, current research,
official international vaccine websites, contacts for medical journals and associations,
and research centers. • Operated
by a private company, Shoreland, Inc.; contains health conditions and recommendations,
country by country.

The Immunization Resource Guide, Diane Rozario, 2000.
The most complete single resource for books, organizations, information services,
publishers, and government offices that have anything to do with vaccines, both
pro and con. Extensive annotated bibliography, address lists, book reviews, and
organization descriptions.

Vaccination: The Issue of Our Times, Peggy O'Mara, editor, 1997.
A comprehensive collection of articles, research, and references. Contributors
include physicians, public health workers, and parents.

A Shot in the Dark, H.L. Coulter and B.L. Fisher, 1991
Documentation of the devastating effects of the pertussis vaccine, including
vivid case examples and an exposé of the campaign for mandatory immunization
of children regardless of the risks.

Vaccination & Immunization, Dangers, Delusions and Alternatives,
L. Chaitow, 1996.
Covers the history of immunizations, refuting Pasteur in favor of Antoine Bechamp
and explaining the immune system response to vaccination.

Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? N. Miller, 1992
Immunization: Theory vs. Reality, N. Miller, 1996
Both books take a hard-hitting critical approach to vaccinations. The first presents
the issues surrounding each vaccine in summary form. The second provides detailed
descriptions of the vaccine industry's tactics.

Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the
American Brain
, H.L. Coulter, 1990.
Describes childhood vaccines as a possible cause of encephalitis characterized
by learning problems, developmental delays, behavior disorders, and autism.

What Every Parent Should Know about Childhood Immunization,
J. Murphy, 1993.
A thorough and understandable critique of vaccination, based on arguments about
toxicity, low efficacy, and failure to establish true immunity to disease.

Handbook of Homeopathic Alternatives to Immunization,
Susan Curtis, 1999.
Discusses the opposition to vaccinations citing short and long-term adverse reactions.
Most of the book is devoted to describing various infectious diseases and homeopathic
remedies for prevention and treatment.

Homeopathy in Epidemic Diseases, Dorothy Shepherd, 1996.
A brief but practical guide on the use of homeopathy in epidemic diseases.

The Vaccine Guide, Randall Neustaedter, 2002.
Revised and expanded edition packed with information for parents and consumers
wanting to make informed choices about childhood immunizations, flu shots, and
vaccinations for international travel.

About the author:
Randall Neustaedter, OMD, LAc, has practiced homeopathy and Oriental medicine
for over 25 years, specializing in child health care. He is a licensed acupuncturist
and received his Doctorate in Oriental medicine in Hong Kong. He is author of The
Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults
. He publishes a
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