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Luddites Traditions and Evidence: The many paths to the summit of homeopathy for professional and medical homeopathy in these technologically challenging times

Luddites Traditions and Evidence: The many paths to the summit of homeopathy for professional and medical homeopathy in these technologically challenging times
Speaker: Alastair Gray, DSH (UK), PCH (UK), PCHom (Malaysia), ADH (NZ), BAHons (NZ), AHA, ATMS, ARoH (Aus), RSHom (UK)

Date: Friday, April 8, 2016
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

 Credits: TBD
Recorded Session

Session Description:

Homeopathy is not immune to the sweeping changes taking place in all forms of health care, from conventional medicine through naturopathy, psychotherapy and physical medicine. The incalculable changes as a consequence of the internet and other technologies are changing patient behaviors and expectations, the patterns of searching for health information, attitudes to health as well as their overall health status. Telemedicine and online consultations are becoming a feature of our faster world.

Where is homeopathy in all of this? The job of the homeopath does not look the same as it did in 1985. We are required to curate information as never before. Where is care taking, case management, all our various methods and the therapeutic relationship in these times of wearable technology and digital detox. So many clients come to us because of our traditions and our case taking skills and the heart-centered green medicine that we provide, but is there car parking for my SUV close by? With our philosophical underpinnings rooted in Ancient Greece and Victorian times are homeopaths able to keep up, adapt, or should they opt out?

In this presentation Alastair Gray reports on the interim results of his PhD. He maps a path forward for individual practitioners and with key take home points for the contemporary practitioner of homeopathic medicine. In highlighting these challenges, he demonstrates from numerous case studies how he has managed these obstacles and tensions for CAM and homeopathy practitioners both honoring the traditions of where we have come from but acknowledging the tensions and pressures caused by todays clinical environment.

In doing so he also points to the growing body of research and creates a philosophical and historical context for homeopathy in contemporary public and community health care settings moving forward. He argues that to thrive, to attract are the young people to homeopathic medicine there is a necessity for the professional bodies, the educational institutions, and the manufacturing arms of homeopathy to act and speak with a unified voice, with the same outward facing message.


About the Speaker:

Alastair Gray teaches at and heads up course development and e-learning at CHE NYC. He holds various consulting roles: academic (Endeavour College, Australia) educational (Portland Centre of Integrative Medicine, UK) communications (HRI, UK) management (Director Operations College of Health and Homeopathy NZ), as well as consulting to organizations on homeopathic provings and e-learning. Prior, in Australia he headed up the homeopathy department at Endeavour, and was the National Academic e-learning Manager. He has lectured under and post-graduate CM, homeopathy and naturopathy for 18 years, including philosophy, case taking and management, ethics, business practices and scope of practice. A regular seminar and conference presenter worldwide he is the author of 22 books and numerous articles on primary research in natural medicine. He is passionate about eLearning and educational technology in his academic and teaching work. Clinical practice (25 years) remains a significant focus. He is enrolled in a PhD at University Technology Sydney exploring the intersection of Education, CM and learning technologies.