Martha Oelman Community Service Award (est. 1999)

This award honors a United States or Canada based person who, or organization which, has demonstrated unusual devotion to the practice and promotion of homeopathic treatment in any of these ways:

  • engaging in activities that encourage homeopathic education
  • engaging in activities that encourage homeopathic research
  • showing dedication to the organizations that represent homeopathy nationwide
  • volunteering time and talent
  • using his or her vocational or professional resources for the furtherance of homeopathy
  • cooperating with existing individuals and organizations
  • creating new ways of raising the public’s awareness
  • holding office in homeopathic organizations, either lay or professional.

The award honors the memory of Martha Oelman, a dedicated and skillful advocate for homeopathy who served the community as NCH Media Liaison until her untimely death in 1997. She is remembered for her personal warmth, commitment, dedication and capabilities in all the tasks she undertook. Martha was thorough, accurate, and reserved, giving more than 100%. She had tremendous impact in expanding awareness of homeopathy through the promotion of accurate public information, dealing with printed and spoken media, and setting the example for active and clear communication of the merits of homeopathy. Martha was a model for commitment to the interests of the homeopathic community as a whole.

Martha Oelman Community Service Award History

2022 Wanda Smith-Schick, CCH – VIEW 2022 ACCEPTANCE VIDEOS

2021 Kavitha Kukunoor, CCH, RS Hom(NA), BHMS, C.HP

2020 Alan Schmuckler

2019 Paola Brown, M.Ed

2018 Debby Bruck, CHom

2017 Yashasvi Mahesh Jhangiani (Yaashi)

2015 Homeopaths Without Borders – North America

2007 Dana Ullman, MPH

2006 Mitzi Lebensorger

2005 Polly Girvin

2004 Mary Yano

2003 Janice Wenger

2002 Nancy Kelly

2001 Harris L. Coulter, PhD

2000 John A. (Jack) Borneman, III, RPh

1999 Julian Winston