Adonis vernalis

Natural History.
      Adonis vernalis.
      N. O. Ranunculacee. Infusion or tincture of fresh plant, an extract, Adonidin.

      Heart, affections of.

      Like Convallaria, Adonis is a popular heart remedy in Russia. It has not been proved, but the indications for its use have been defined by experience as follows: Rapid and feeble action of the heart, dropsy, scanty urine with albumen and casts.
      Valvular disease and cardiac asthma.
      There is no record of its uses in the potencies.
      Cash gave great relief to "a water-logged patient of seventy-four" with mitral regurgitation, with one-grain doses of Adonidin at eight-hour intervals, after failure of Arsenicum and Digitalis. Urinary secretion rose from half a pint to 2 1/2 pints in twenty-four hours.
      Breathing was relieved, sleep returned.

      Compare: Digit., Conv., Stroph.