Alumina silicata

Natural History.
     Andalasite rock – Alumina 63, Silica 37 parts

     Deep acting remedy for chronic complaints of brain, spine and nerves. Constriction is a marked general symptom, also constriction of orifices. Venous distention. Weakness, especially spinal. Aching and burning in spine. Formication, numbness, pain in all limbs. Epileptiform convulsion. Coldness during pains.
     Seems to be the same as Kaolin – Bolus alba (China Clay) Alumina Silicate: A remedy for croup and bronchitis. Nose itching and burning. Discharge YELLOW. SORE, SCABBY, stopped up. SORENESS OF CHEST along trachea; cannot stand percussion. Gray sputa. Capillary bronchitis. Larynx and chest sore. Membranous croup – extends down trachea.

     Congestion of brain. Constriction of scalp. Pain in head, better heat, perspires. Pain in eyes, flickering. Frequent coryzas. Swelling and ulceration of nose.

     Catarrh of chest, pain, raw feeling. Feeling of great weakness in chest. Stitching pains. Spasmodic cough with purulent viscid expectoration.

     Heaviness, jerking, numbness, aching and pains.

     Formication along course of nerves, veins feel full and distended. Sore to touch and pressure.

     WORSE, cold air, after eating, standing.

     BETTER, warmth, fasting, resting in bed.

     Higher potencies.